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Painted Marvel

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"Show off your cool style with this fabulous mehndi green bangle with dots and traingles hand painted in natural black colour. This lacquered wooden bangle will add grace to your outfot in a zip. Size: 6cm diameter This lacquered wooden bangle is made at the famous channapatna village, near Bangalore in Karnataka. This indegenious craft is around two centuries old and is passes through generations. The light weight Hale wood (Wrightia Tinctoria) is cut into desired sizes and left for seasoning. Later, the edges and superfluous wood is removed to make it cylindrical shaped billets. The seasoned billets are then fixed to a lathe machine to turn them into various shapes, using different tools. Further, sandpaper is pressed against the revolving wood pieces to prepare for the application of lacquer. The lacquered sticks are prepared from natural shellac sourced from Bihar and Madhyapradesh, India. The shellac is heated and kneaded for a thorough mixing with the pre prepared natural colour dyes and non-toxic pigments to achieve desired shades. Lacquer sticks in various colours are applied against the revolving wood piece which is already turned and smoothened, giving it a uniform layer of coloured lacquer. For a natural wood shade wax is used instead of lacquer. Further, a dry screw pine leaf is pressed against the rotating piece to attain a uniform spread of colour and a brilliant translucent finish."