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Antique Victorian Kann Shape Earrings

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Stones Stone
Metal/ Material Metal
Plating/finish Silver
Stone Type Precious
Color Gold,Silver,Blue
Work stone
Please Note : Picture shown here is for reference only. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance and colour to images shown.


Antique victorian Kann shape earrings which can be fit in to ur ears easily & very light weighted. Tips to take care of your Jewellery: Protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratches, chemicals, perfumes/sprays/spirits, and extreme temperatures. Keep your jewellery in a clean and dry box. Check your jewellery regularly for chaps, loose stones and other signs of damage, and get them repaired immediately. Gold and silver jewellery might get be tarnished if not worn regularly. Place anti-tarnish strips in the jewellery box and wipe it using a soft cloth regularly. Caution: Avoid doing kitchen and other household work while wearing your jewellery, since body oils and sweat secretion can affect your jewellery. Avoid wearing jewellery while swimming as the chlorine in the water may damage it. Remove your jewellery before using products that contain bleach. Remove your jewellery before bathing as soaps and solutions may cause a fine film to develop on the surface that can dull its appearance. Avoid keeping precious jewellery in cardboard boxes as they are treated with sulphur, which tarnishes silver and gold. Cleaning: You can use professional jewellery cleaning products for cleaning your jewellery. However, you should ensure that they do not contain acids, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia. You should wipe your jewellery clean with a soft cloth after every wear to remove sweat, body oils and make-up from its surface. Always use a cotton cloth for cleaning jewellery as paper, coarse or polyester fabrics often have synthetic or wood fibres that can scratch the metal surface. Storing: You can keep your jewellery in soft cloth pouches, curio cabinets, fabric-lined jewellery boxes, zip-lock bags, or jeweller’s tissue. Keep your jewellery pieces separately so that they do not develop scratches as result of rubbing against each other. Travelling with jewellery: It is advisable to invest in a jewellery travel case that will protect your jewellery from scratches and damage. Such cases are usually made of leather or fabric so they can be easily rolled and stored in suitcases, bags, or attaches. Gemstone specific tips: Pearls might be dehydrated if kept in a closed box for long. Therefore, you should wear your pearl jewellery often. Don’t keep pearl jewellery in plastic bags. Stones like turquoise, pearl, opal etc. are absorbent in nature. So, you should not leave them in water for long. Feel free to contact us in case of any other queries.  Regards THE ART JEWELLERY