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Antiformal Unisexual Faux Leather Zodiac Pisces Sunsign Tan Brown Threadwoven Bracelet

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ANTIFORMAL Unisexual Faux Leather ZODIAC PISCES SUNSIGN Tan Brown ThreadWoven Bracelet - The Bracelet comes in a fashionable Tan Brown Faux Leather with a Metallic Medallion and carries an Easy-Wear clasp made of Threadwoven Fabric. Pisces is a feminine sign and tends to have quite tolerant, compassionate, sympathetic and agreeable characteristics. They are perhaps the most selfless and sensitive of all the zodiac signs. In relationships, both male and female are very loving, generous and kind. This woman or man always has time for those in need. However, their feelings run so deep they are often overwhelmed by them as the characteristic Piscean energy scatters itself beyond its limits. Their personality simply cannot abide suffering and will offer charity wherever their sensitivity directs this trait. Pisces Stone: Aquamarine, Jade Pisces Season: Winter Pisces Colors: Green Famous Pisces: Albert Einstein, Aamir Khan, Anupan Kher, Pooja Bhatt, Fardeen Khan, Elizabeth Taylor, Alexander Graham Bell, Kurt Cobain, Cindy Crawford, George Washington