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Antiformal Unisexual Faux Leather Zodiac Scorpio Sunsign Tan Brown Threadwoven Bracelet

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ANTIFORMAL Unisexual Faux Leather ZODIAC SCORPIO SUNSIGN Tan Brown ThreadWoven Bracelet - The Bracelet comes in a fashionable Tan Brown Faux Leather with a Metallic Medallion and carries an Easy-Wear clasp made of Threadwoven Fabric. The Scorpio sign is a masculine sign, with very dependable traits and characteristics. In relationships, a Scorpio male or female is true to their beloved but if they do choose to leave a man or woman, they leave for good. They are very seductive and have great charm and frequently dazzle with their radiant personality. However, they often have tendencies toward extremes. At their best, they are compassionate, devoted and possess great depth. They characteristically explore many of the feelings and personality traits that others avoid, as this is not a sign that fears the characteristics of the darker side of human existence. Scorpio Stone: Topaz, Opal Scorpio Season: Fall Scorpio Colors: Gold, Purple Famous Scorpios: Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Hillary Clinton, Juhi Chawla, Katherine Hepburn, Kamal Hassan, Jody Foster, Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso