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Vertical Love

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Stones Beads
Color White,Red
Style Fashion
Work Meenakari
Metal/ Material Lac
Please Note : Picture shown here is for reference only. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance and colour to images shown.


Bring the multi colors of desert state of Rajasthan into your fashion with these amazing handpainted ear rings with Meena Kari work. These ear rings were exquisitely hand made to give the vibrancy of colors. It takes atleast an hour to make these ear rings where artisans have to first create the ear rings, color them and then slowly put the beads into the ear rings. Adorn these beauties and flaunt it among your friends. Handcrafted is new Indian fashion. Size:- Diameter: 2.0 cm, Height: 3.5cm More about Meena Kari work: The art of Meenakari (also spelled Minakari) was introduced by the Mughals in India - and Raja Man Singh brought it to Rajasthan at the turn of the 16th century. He also brought skilled minakars (craftsmen who were experts in meena , or mina work) from the royal Mughal courts to Jaipur, Rajasthan, which then became the center of Meenakari. The technique of Meenakari requires a high degree of skill and concentration. The piece of metal on which meenakari is to be done is attached to a stick of lac (sealing wax). Delicate designs of flowers, birds, fish etc are etched or engraved on it, thus creating grooves which can hold color. Metal dust of the required color is then poured into the groove and fired. This process is repeated with each color. The heat of the furnace melts the metal which then flows into the groove and fills it. The metals which have the highest melting points are applied first as they have to go through the heating process with each color. Usually white color is applied first and red last.