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Tribal dhokra bell metal craftwork set of 3 animals. Dhokra word is derived from dhokra damar tribe. Dhokra is an ancient practice of metal casting and has been practiced in India for over 200 years. This craft dates back to pre-historic time of Harrappa and Mohenjodaro period of Indus Civilization.

The ancient art of cire-perdue or lost wax thread method of metal casting is still used by the tribal people of bastar, from Chhattisgarh. Artwork is done with hand, without any advancement of technology. Dhokra/ bell metal is an alloy of brass, nickel and zinc that gives an antique effects to the castings.  Dhokra products have a rustic and antique finish which makes them unique and appealing.  

Elephant: length- 1.5 inches, height- 2.8 inches, width- 0.8 inches

Deer: length- 2 inches, height- 2.8 inches, width- 0.6 inches

Bull: length- 2.5 inches, height- 1.6 inches, width- 0.9 inches


Material: Dhokra (non-ferrous metal casting)

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