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Product Description

The beauty of any dokra artefact is that every dokra artefact is unique in the world; no two dokras are the same. The reason for this is dokra is completely handcrafted and therefore, the shapes are not perfect, and the symmetries are not mirror images produced like in computer graphics. Dokra artefacts are made from brass and are unique in itself as each piece is made from a new mould which is lost in the process.

This great diya holder is completely immersed in tradition enhances your temple and which ever place it is kept at and provides glorious light.

Size: Length: 4.2 inches, Breadth: 3.8 inches, Height: 1.8 inches

Specially for you:
  • This dokra diya holder adds the traditional touch to your temple and whichever space it is placed at , also provides glorious light.