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Candles are one of the oldest inventions by man and probably one of the life changing ones. They were originally the only source of lighting and heat back then. Over the years, it still continues to ignite our homes in more ways than one could have asked for. The candle making industry continues to develop in various countries independently ever since, some had expensive ways of doing it and others came up with much affordable ones. In India, they were made by melting the fruit of the cinnamon trees. It was after the paraffin wax with a few tweaks for effective usage that changed the face of it. It invariably turned out to be the most inexpensive way of making candles.

With the world rapidly changing, the candle making industry has evolved and took many forms. Today, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, moulds, fragrances and each one more beautiful than the other. They illuminate not just our lives, but are best known to rekindle romance, soothe our souls, lift our spirits, symbolize celebration, and of course deck up the house. Candles are standalone accessories in themselves and have a huge scope for a retreat. The best part about candles with fragrance is that they are very subtle and pleasant. It brings about an aura and there are umpteen flavours available to match everyone’s taste.

A simple tea cup candle paired in a beautiful quilling candle holder or a floating flower holder can be very welcoming. There are also the gorgeous flower diya candles for marking celebrations and draw in some intense festive vibes. Maybe a scented yankee jar candle at the centre of the dining table can make dinner exciting for couples. There is of course the smokeless age old tall candles with a new twist that is scented and tapered in colours. They can bring a very good contrast to your wall colour or it can even sit gracefully on a simple yet elegant bronze stand on your mantle. You could also strategically place a gorgeous looking aroma diffuser at a nook or corner of the house that might draw attention to may be some other wall art you might have. The other hot favourite is the statue of Buddha with the aroma oil diffuser which rightfully fits near your yoga or exercise spot in the house. Lemon, lavender, eucalyptus flavours can be very refreshing and instantly make you feel like you are breathing fresher air. And yes the flavour to choose from is for sure uncounted. The incense sticks can bring about a very rejuvenating experience and a peaceful start for the day. They also are used in bedrooms to blow off some steam and stress from the air. Also, inarguably we can all go green and do our bit by using just candles during some of our most important festivities. Monsoons are the perfect time to invest in candles and fragrances. These keep your home smelling great and welcoming. With our monsoon collection of candles and fragrances, your home décor just cannot go wrong.

They really got their way to accentuate the aesthetics of our homes not just literally but also with their fragrance and that has opened up completely new avenues to explore. Thanks to the Internet, e-commerce has given us access to the wide range of candles and fragrances by different brands via online shopping. Craftsvilla is one such brand that offers a huge variety of the newest décor and designs in all of that has been mentioned above. They give us innumerable options and a visual representation on what’s on our mind and sometimes beyond our imagination and even exceeding expectations delivering right at our doorstep.