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Memories are what we create as we go on living our lives. Every moment that passed, every step that was taken, every experience that you went through, becomes a memory. Some memories are pleasant, while some are not. Whatever be their nature, they eventually and gradually fade away. Nothing lasts forever, it is said, not even memories. No matter how strongly we think is a memory etched in our minds, bit by bit we lose it, till it becomes a hazy recollection. The invention of photography enabled us to capture memories forever. No matter how small or big an event is in your life, the memories it creates are invaluable. It’s nice to have it safely tucked in a precious corner of your house. It remains unscathed and ever-vibrant so that you can relive it again and again, for these are the pictures you are proud of, these are pictures that make you happy. It is but human to want to share. It is but natural to want to display. This is where the ideal photo frame comes into play.

Photo frames were created to protect, enhance and accentuate photographs. They add character and flavour to pictures. They are the window to the events that the pictures portray. A mismatched frame would, therefore, make for a terrible display. Selection of frames should be thus, based on the design of your interiors as well as the mood of the photograph in question. For instance, funny pictures can have funky mounts, while ornate metallic frames go well with elegant portraits and a very vibrant picture looks good on rustic mounts. Thus, framing is as much an art as clicking a photograph is. Traditionally, frames or mounts were made of only wood. With the passage of time silver, bronze, aluminium, and plastic also began to be used. They are not just restricted to the rectangular or square shape. Circular and oval mounts are also very popular.

Gone are the days when you had to scour through every framing shop in town to get the right frame. These days finding the right photo frame is as easy as clicking selfies from your phone. How? With! Frame your best memories this monsoon with photo frames from our collection. The rains bring out the best in every picture and these are worth framing up. Choose from our wide range of photo frames like traditional wood, hand-made, clustered, ethnic corner mounts, marble frames, paper frames and a lot more in our photo frames section. So, do pop in and take a look, we have frames that suit every corner and nook.