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For a kid, the bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a haven for your child to do his / her homework, play around, make a mess, daydream and stockpile toys. If you are going to decorate your child’s den just the way they want, then you might need to design a place that serves multiple purposes — a practical approach for the years ahead.

The best tips to deck up a room can only come from your child. So, get your little ones involved and help them in choosing designs for their room. Children’s preferences change with time, be it the interior décor or the accessories for the décor. All in all, design the bedroom in a way that focuses on growth, fun and practicality.

Cushions can play a big role in decking up your child’s room. Here some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

• Whenever there are a lot of paintings, craft supplies and your kid’s crayon doodles in the central area of the room, children of all ages feel free in the aura and gradually gravitate towards them. Add a good dose of playful colours with plush kid’s cushions which are an inexpensive way to provide an eclectic décor.

• Cushions always play a crucial role in creating an inspiration for a contemporary home décor, be it a gender neutral room or a living room with dark hardwood floors. You always need to get your children into good habits early, so, the foremost step to making the kids value a neat and tidy room is by giving them enough space for storage. Now, an open space can always be decorated with cushions and it’s always easy to maintain the cleanliness with these little fluffy accessories.

• If you have already committed to designing a bunk room, then cushions are a pretty good idea as they can be used for all age groups. Bunk beds with kid’s cushions have always been a dream for every kid, no matter what their age. Create pops of colours with asymmetric pillows and cushions that will add a fresh feel to your kid’s room.

Decorating your child’s room can be a rewarding experience as it gives you the chance to relive your childhood dreams. Let your kid’s dream come true with Craftsvilla’s fun furnishings and fluffy cushions online. Check out our collection now.