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She walks to a music of her own- One could literally say that for the women of the Indian subcontinent who have been wearing anklets ever since and before history was written. This pretty ornament has found its way to the Western world where it has become a significant part of being a person’s style statement.

Egyptian women were popular for wearing ornate anklets on both feet since Pre-Dynastic eras. The material, as in the Indian context would differ from gold, silver to iron depending on the sphere of society to which the lady belonged. In South East Asia, the two anklets were linked together by a chain in an attempt to keep the step shorter and more elegant. In Europe along the Danube and Rhine to the Atlantic, bronze anklets have been unearthed by the dozens which date back to the Bronze era.

Traditionally, in India only Ksahtriya women wore gold anklets while others wore silver. While in the West women prefer wearing it on either feet, women in India traditionally wear it on both. It can either be flexible or non-flexible and beaded or made of nylon or leather. The payal or the pajeb had little bells attached to it which ring gently while the wearer walks. In many classical Indian forms, ghungroo is a belt of many payal or bells stringed together which ring in unison to beats in the dance.

The anklet or payal has undergone many modifications in its material usage, design and style. Monsoons are the perfect season for this beautiful adornment as it adds to the romance of this weather perfectly. Jingle away to the tune of the rains with our specially designed collection of anklets. At Craftsvilla, we have a wide range of designs catering to different tastes. From ornate to minimalistic, traditional to modern, designer to ethnic, we have it all. You can buy online anklets at our store and give that step the tune that runs your life. Hurry, angle in to our anklets!