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When mankind first started ornamentation, perhaps hands and wrists served as the first inspiration being the most visible parts of the body in any culture. Bracelets and bangles were not just jewellery but held deep rooted meaning in tradition, religion and society.

While bracelets, were the flexible counterparts, bangles were the rigid structures preferred by the women in the Indian Subcontinent. One of the first materials used to make bangles was Lac and subsequently it expanded to include sea shells, precious and semi-precious metals, glass and wood. To this day Morabad is the world’s biggest producer of glass bangles and Hyderabad houses the biggest Bangle market in the world called the Laad Bazar. Today plastic is fast replacing glass bangles because of their low cost and durability but women still prefer glass for special occasions and events.

In India, married women are supposed to adorn their wrists with bangles, usually worn in pairs on both hands. They may vary in number and usually are made of gold or are gold plated. Punjabi girls are supposed to wear white and red “choodas”, studded with stone up to one year after their marriage and Bengali, Odiya and Assamese brides wear “shakha and pola” made of white sea shells and red lac respectively. Sikh men wear a single bangle called the “kadha” on one arm.

Bracelets were worn mostly for a religious significance. The Scarab Bracelet is one of the most recognized signs of Ancient Egypt and signifies rebirth and regeneration. The Charm bracelet carries personal charms or trinkets which signifies important things in the wearer’s life. Beaded, braided and woven bracelets are also very popular as friendship bracelets. Sports bracelet made of silicone rubber have been made very popular by popular sportsperson like Lance Armstrong and brands like Nike and they are today used as a tool for various awareness and support campaign.

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