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Earrings you wear are instantly noticed so you must choose them carefully. They add elegance and shine to your overall look accentuating the outfit. This simple accessory brings out the natural beauty in you. You have the option to choose from gold earrings, platinum earrings, silver earings, pearl earring and more. You also get earrings made of metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, and other materials. The variation in earring designs include loop earrings, studs, jhumkis, danglers, baalis. How To Choose Earrings That Will Make you Stand Out :-
In the context of making a style statement, young ladies these days like to think out of the box. Even though out-of-the box thinking is welcome with respect to selecting jewellery, we believe that there are some tried-and-tested methods that can help ladies make a fashion statement. Some of the tips for looking really cool are:-
Be careful and dont go overboard with the earrings :-
The first rule of picking jewellery is not to overdo with the pieces. Even if the earrings make you stand outside the crowd and look very tempting in the showcase of a jewellery store, dont blindly choose heavy earrings. Fashion experts recommend that it is better to stick to simple earrings to bring out an elegant and sophisticated look of the dress you are wearing. We at Craftsvilla offer best in the simple category of earrings. Even the danglers, that are considered to be the heaviest of the earrings look simple and can accentuate the beauty of the dress you are wearing. Mapping the metal type of the earring to the colour of the dress that is worn :-
Many young women face a dilemma when it comes to deciding between gold plated and silver plated earrings. We hope to make the choice simpler for you by providing some tips on colours: If the colour of your designer gown, designer Anarkali suit or salwar is white, the dress can be made to stand out by using platinum or silver plated earrings. Craftsvilla offers the best in silver plated earrings. Since silver is a trendy favourite among the youngsters, we ensure that this colour is well stocked.
If the colour of your designer saree is ivory, a pair of gold-plated earrings will accentuate the cream shades in your saree. Craftsvilla understands and respects the trends in the fashion industry and caters to the demands across all ages.. Hence, Craftsvilla has a lot of patterns and a deep variety of gold plated earrings in its repository. Some of the earrings are multiple coloured as well; these earrings find takers among those who like to match the colours of the earrings with the colours of their sarees or dresses.
If the colour of your saree, wedding gown, or any other dress is champagne or wine, then gold-plated fashion earrings are recommended by fashion experts. If you are trying to dress like a princess from the Mughal era, tinged silver-plated earrings with a little bit of stonework will make your dress look elegant. Craftsvilla can ensure that our earrings for girls last long, which allows the individual to flaunt their trendy earrings whenever they like.
Matching the colour of the fashion earrings to the colour of your necklace might be a good idea Sometimes matching your fashion earrings with your necklace might be the answer. The biggest jewellery a woman wears is usually her necklace. The simple solution is to match the colour of the earrings to the colour of necklaces. This accentuates the beauty of the woman wearing the jewellery and ensures that the woman stands out in the crowd. We have earrings that can go with almost all the kinds of necklaces in the market. The influence of drop earrings :-
A pair of drop earrings can bring out the beauty of outfits or dresses. These earrings provide outfits with a quick dash of brightness and colour and look great with any kinds of dresses. A gemstone that is clear and slender looks great with dresses that are short. A long drop earring looks great when coupled with a long dress. For a vintage gown, drop earrings that contains peace signs serve as a perfect complement. Craftsvilla offers the best type of drop earrings. They add a level of sophistication along with providing a bling factor to the entire dress and the individual.

Earrings for unique occasions :-
In the current fashion scene among youngsters, women chooses unique outfits for unique occasions. The outfit a woman wears for a festival is completely unique compared to the outfit she wears to her workplace. Hence, the general preference is to match the earrings also to the occasion. This is very important because the choice of the earring can either make your outfit look beautiful or ugly. For example, the best type of earrings for work is simple studs. For parties, simple studs that match with the colours of the outfits are worn. Earrings made of pearls, gems, or stones look good with outfits worn for churches, funerals, and weddings. If the visit is more casual than formal, simple gold or silver hoops is the best option for black or cocktail dresses. Overall, medium-sized hoops are the best option that goes well with any kind of dress.

Craftsvillas earrings can be worn for any kind of occasion. These earrings are robust, reliable and durable and ensure that women can wear them for multiple occasions as well.
The rule of contrasts :-
Many women like to use earrings that contrast in colour to the colour of the dress. It is well known that one colour brings out the attractiveness of the other colour. So, the contrasting colour of the earrings makes the colour of the dress look better. For example, a black pair of earrings brings out the sophistication in the white dress. The variety of colours in earrings available in Craftsvilla is very deep. There are colours available for every individual and occasion.

Ordering Earrings Online :-

Research plays a very important role in purchasing earrings online. Customers should not be blindly swayed by the promises made by everyone on the Internet. Every customer needs to look for specifics like warranties, guarantees, return policies if any, payment options and a lot of factors that play a role in making a purchase decision. Customers visiting Craftsvilla website need not be worried about these specifics because we offer the best in the market and ensure that all the above-discussed factors are followed to the T.