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Necklace, neck piece or neck adornment has been a central piece of jewellery since history. It has been popular among all classes of people and the most important piece of jewellery worn by both men and women. A necklace set of Gold or Silver, diamond necklaces, precious gem stones necklaces and pearls necklaces were, and still are, the most expensive symbols of wealth, glamour and prestige. In early times, necklaces were made from string of beads using what we now call organic materials such as shells, teeth or bone beads. History shows us stylish necklaces were crafted from macaroni. Today, necklaces made of organic materials are considered the epitome of stylishness and trendiness, thus becoming a popular choice of young girls. Necklaces are made to display style and decorative craftsmanship to follow fashion and cultural trends besides meeting the needs to match dress, taste and preference of fashion and affordability.

In the recent fashion seasons, jewellery necklaces have seen drastic evolutionary runway trends. Necklaces have been styled to suite all types of necklines be it lowered and elaborate or high necklines. Necklace designs vary with the length of the string. A necklace that sits high on the neck is called a choker and a little longer form of it is called a princess necklace. All princess need to own a variety to meet formal, casual, eclectic, party and bohemian fashion needs. A matinee necklace typically is a single stand and rests at the top of the cleavage while the opera necklace runs till the breast bone. Rope necklace or a lariat necklace is long without a clasp.

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