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Nose pins as the term suggests is a pin worn on the nose by women. This piece of nose jewellery epitomizes the coming of age and/or marriage of women in India. It is a symbol of status and worn with pride. Nose pins designs of yore depended on the regionalism and religion of women. Muslim women mostly supported a diamond or stone studded nose pin while women in the south wore a round nose pin. Today’s generation does not follow the concept of regionalism, religiousness or marital status. It wears nose pins designs that carry forward the tradition of yesterday with a touch of modern savvy or else they shop for nose pins online for haute couture effects. After all, today you also get nose pins without piercing.

Nose pins online have flown far away from the imagination of yesteryears designers and become tools of self-representation and as an expression of angst amongst teenagers, even boys, especially in the western countries. They however have not lost their traditional meanings and continue to be worn as a symbol of pride by the women of India. You can either wear them with piercing or go all modern and wear nose pins without piercing. Young girls buy nose pins online India which offers designs ranging from round silver pins, to solitaires, pearls studded, nose pins in gold with coloured stones. Don’t be surprised to see neon ones supporting nose fashion! This monsoon, nose pins are coming back in vogue with intriguing designs ranging from traditional motifs to more modern designs. Our monsoon collection of nose pins are for every woman who desires to make a fashion statement.

Nose pins designs today are crafted in way to make every girl and woman meet her fashion goals. Choice of nose pins India is designed to match your moods as well as your casual, party and holiday dresses. has more than 20,000+ designs to choose from. is best online shopping site for nose pins online India. The choice of nose pins silver or nose pins gold, nose pins as diamond studs or nose pins with pearls, are all there to ensure that you look gorgeous every day.