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Perhaps one of the most talked and written about item of jewellery is the ring. Be it in fantasies like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter’s Horcrux or Green Lantern’s or Phantom’s rings, this simple ornament has been significant of mystery, power and much intrigue ever since the written word came into play. The origin of rings is obscure since every possible archaeological expedition found some sort of ring like jewellery. Still the concept of giving and receiving rings seemed to have originated around the 6000 BC. Rings have a simple design structure which lends them to a lot variation in design and structure. This has led to specific designs being created to specific purposes and these rings have a special name. Perhaps one of the most common usage of rings, apart from ornamentation, is the exchange of rings during a wedding ceremony, signifying the promise of a lifetime of love and commitment to another person. Many couples also opt for a pre-engagement ring or promise ring which pretty much signify the same thing. Religion also seems to uphold the value of rings as ordained priests are also given rings to bind them in service to God. In ancient times, rings were actually of a more practical use. Signet rings had a seal of the Royal house or a coat of arms significant of a particular family crest and these were used to seal letters and documents. Rings were also bestowed by the royal family as a gift to their subjects or were used to denote an ally in war. The legend of the poison ring has led to many stories and legends where traitors and enemies were killed by lacing their drinks with poison housed in the receptacle of the ring. More commonly these rings held perfumes or romantic keepsakes.

In the modern day concept rings have evolved to denote a person’s gender preference, mood (depending on body temperature), chastity and much more. More commonly they are used for ornamental purposes and this has led to design modifications such as the thumb ring, Multi fingered ring, Posie ring and finger armour ring. Many fraternities and colleges give rings to their graduates, especially doctors and engineers. Browse through our monsoon collection of rings for a loved one or just for yourself. The designs have been inspired by rains and its many forms and are sure to delight you.

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