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One of the most important components of development during childhood is toys and games kids play with. These toys play a significant role in shaping their young minds and attitude as they grow up. Therefore, parents and caregivers must be thoughtful about the toys and games kids associate with.

One of the most popular toys kids have played with is the Teddy Bear. Teddy was an acronym for Theodore Roosevelt, and till date stuffed toys in the shape of a bear are called teddy. Soft toys are not just limited to bears anymore. Toy makers have become creative and produced a range of animal toys. Another popular animal toy is the rubber ducky used while giving the kids a shower. While children love cuddling to these soft toys, when it comes to real play they want something with movable arms and legs and more lifelike. Hence, many plastic toys available today have movable or detachable or replaceable parts. Though interesting, care should be taken that children do not put it up their nose or swallow these tiny parts. Remote controlled cars, robots and other mechanics have caught the fancy of the tech savvy kids of today. Now they can whizz around the house till they actually get a license a few years down the line!

A variety of rattles available in various designs are almost adorable enough to be included in collectors’ items. Give the kid a crayon and he is an artist. Every kid loves drawing on any possible surface. So to keep them off your freshly painted walls, you could buy them sketch books and colouring books along with crayons and sketch pens. Watch their imagination take flight and join them on their expedition as you help them colour within the lines. This monsoon, gift your young ones a new set of toys exclusively from our collection. These have been handpicked to not just be entertaining but also educational. Choose from our monsoon collection of toys and revisit your childhood with your children.

DIY toys help kids gain an idea about structure and spatial arrangement. Blocks can be used in a number of ways to serve educational purposes. You can pick up learning blocks, construction blocks, jigsaw puzzles and many more to teach your little ones as they play. One of the best places to find all these and more is the toy section of Browse through the exhaustive range of items available on to find what suits your kid the best. The ordering process is as easy as it gets. Just choose and click the buy option and the toy or game will be at your doorstep in no time! Not only your kids but you too will come back for more.