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Kites flying are considered to be auspicious as kites are seen as connectors between heaven and earth i.e. God and Human.  So this Tambola can be played at celebration of any Achievement, to attract happiness and prosperity for all merry making event. It serves as a theme tickets for Makar Sankranti, Sankranti of every month, Ganga Dussehra and Happily at NATIONAL festivals.

Options to play :(their is a slip inside the packet)

Divide the money or gifts into given component :

1. Sukh Shanti Ghar mein Aaye, Patang Hamare udti Jaye.

(Call made when early five or seven numbers are cut)

2. Kite of Happiness touches the sky. (call made when numbers on Pink kite are cut)

3. Kite of Prosperity touches the sky. (Call made when numbers on Green kite are cut)

4. Kite of Peace touches the sky (Call made when numbers on Blue kite are cut)

5. Four Corners of Happiness Kite.

6. Four corners of Prosperity Kite.

7. Four corners of Peace Kite.

8. Vertical Line of each Kite .(6 Vertical Line-Optional)

9. Kite of Independence touches the sky. (Call made when number on Independence Day kite are cut)

10. Be Merry, Be Happy.  (Call made when all numbers are cut)

weight- 75 grams, height- 22cm , width -10 cm, depth-0.5 cm