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Mehandi Mere…

Craftsvilla Team | 16 Feb 16

Mehandi mere jo dilo mein rang bhar jate hai,

Mehandi mere jo Krishna Radha aur phir Krishana Rukmani ke rishte ko darshate hai,

Mehandi mere jo mere sayain mere hone wale patidev ke naam ko motiyoon se sajate hai,

Mehandi mere jo dilo mein rang bhar jate hai.

Anjali Gureja Trived


Mehndi Moments

Craftsvilla Team | 28 Jan 16

Mehendi mari aevi friend chhe je ki na karva chheta ghanu bdhu kri jay chhe. Hu jyare pn koi kam ma narvas feel kru, tyare mahendi karta j maro confidence vadhi jay chhe,mahendi karvathi maro mood hmesha fresh rahe chhe.mari karkidi nu pratham sopan j mahendi chhe. aapdi best friend vise kheva mate jem koi sabdo na hoi tem mahendi mari aevi friend chhe jena mate ki kahi pn na sku nd khu to sabdo pn ochha pde.

Riddhi C Dattani



Interesting #Mehndi facts

Craftsvilla Team | 25 Jan 16

Mehndi forms an integral part of festivals in India. It is an important aspect of Solah Shringar. The application of henna on hands and feet during special occasions such as Karva Chauth is as old as the festival itself. Married women celebrate Karva Chauth for the longevity and the good health of their husbands. Women fast for an entire day and eat only after seeing the moon and offering prayers at night.

There are many mythological stories and legends associated with this festival. One says that princess Veeravati had to fast for seven Karva Chauths to get her husband back, when she unknowingly broke her fast before the appropriate time. Other legends relate to the Mahabratha where Draupadi would hold a fast after marriage for the well-being of the Pandavas while some relate to Savitri who fasted to get her husband back from the clutches of Yama.

The rituals for this festival begin a day before the actual festival. The mother-in-law is supposed to present her daughter-in-law with ‘sargi’. The ‘sargi’ consists of mehndi, sindoor (vermillion), bindi, red ribbon, coconut, saviya, sweets, almonds, etc. Mehndi forms a very important part of the rituals of Karva Chauth. It is considered auspicious for married women to apply mehndi to their hands and feet on this occasion.

Karva Chauth mehndi designs for a newlywed bride for her first Karva Chauth and consists of all the things that are related to the festival. The designs are made with the items that are used in puja during this festival. They include the channi (sieve), kalash (brass pot) and flowers. Sometimes, the designs also consist of the image of a woman looking at the moon through her channi.  Mehndi thus completes the rituals of this festival.

About the artist: 

Rashmi Valand is a mehndi artist who specializes in bridal mehndi, she is known for her creativity and intricate designs.

You can contact her on:



Happiness of Mehndi

Craftsvilla Team | 23 Jan 16

Mehndi is one of my fav things. When ever I feel low or sad my hubby takes me to the mehndi wala. When ever I see mehndi…the smell makes me feel refreshed and good. My favourite was my bridal mehndi- it was so deep in colour.

Poonam Kamra.


Arabic Mehndi

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

Mehndi or henna has been used for centuries by women to ornament their hands and legs on different occasions. Mehndi has been applied not only in India but also in Pakistan, Africa and the Middle Eastern countries for centuries now. Ancient pieces of art and scripture are proof that women, for many centuries have been applying mehndi to their hands and feet to adorn them.

Since all these countries have such starkly different cultures, it is a given that the art of mehndi practiced in each of these differs to a great extent. The designs that are created differ from country to country. Each has a signature style that defines it.  Arabic mehndi is one of the many types of mehndi that is famous not only in the Middle Eastern countries but also in the rest of the world.

Arabic mehndi consists of designs that are very distinctive. These designs were created by the Arabs and thus they got their title. Today, it is one of the most popular types of mehndi, even in India.

Arabic mehndi is traditionally more flowing in nature. It consists of designs created with leaves, petals, flowers and vines. Arabic mehndi designs often don’t cover the entire palm. They start from the fingertip and follow a trail onto the palm and wrist. The designs created for this type of mehndi are bold.

Artists often mix Arabic designs with Indian designs to create beautiful motifs. These motifs consist of thick lines and curves, so that it leaves a dark color once it dries. The design is also shaded to give it a more beautiful effect.

Arabic mehndi, is one of the most popular forms of mehndi. This type of mehndi is applied for weddings, festivals and many other occasions.

However mehndi is no longer limited to weddings and festivals. This art is gaining popularity all over the world. It is now used as a form of temporary tattoo especially in the Western countries.

Applying Mehndi on the beautiful and talented actor Aishwarya Rai

Applying Mehndi on the beautiful and talented actor Aishwarya Rai

Applying Mehndi on renowned singer, Asha Bhosle.

Applying Mehndi on renowned singer, Asha Bhosle

About Deepa Sharma

Deepa Sharma is one of the India’s foremost celebrity Mehndi artists. Her clientele includes names like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Nargis Dutt. Not only in India but she has clients spread all over the world.

She is known for her creativity and creating beautiful designs on the spur of the moment. She specializes in bridal, jardozi, jadao and shaded Arabic mehndi.

You can contact her on: +91-9820222241


The cute Mehndi moment

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

Mere husband ne hamari shadi me, mere hathon se mehandi lagwayi..

Wo pal mere liye bahot memorable tha.

Nandini Indurkar


For the love of Mehndi

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

There is a very strong relation between me and mehandi …. In our relation I always spend all my time to make mehandi to all.. I love to make mehandi for all and to me also .. I love the fragrance of mehandi more than my life…

Pooja Aggarwal


Happiness of Mehndi

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

Mehendi reminds me of HAPPINESS….

It always give me inner peace. i started doing mehendi by my own since i was child. Its my art, my identity, meri pehchan.

Archana Itraj


My Mehndi Moment

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

Tutke daal se haaton pe bikhar jati hai

Ye to mehendi hai mehendi to rang lati hai…!

Mehendi and me have a different connection altogether, I started learning how to apply mehendi because my cousin sister has bullyed me telling that I can never learn the art of mehendi…! Today I proudly tell i apply mehendi to brides which is like the best possible way to showcase my talent…! Concentration nd uniqueness is most required for a best mehendi design!

I would conclude it by a phrase “Apne is ras rang se duniya ko mehkana hai… kaam mehendi ka to gairon k kaam ana hai”.

Amreen Sharieff


The art of Mehndi

Craftsvilla Team | 22 Jan 16

Mehandi is my art and it helped me in my difficult times.

I became a mehandi designer and fullfilled all my wishes.

Reshma Jabeen