What is Craftsvilla Billion Mehndi Festival?

Craftsvilla Billion Mehndi Festival is a festival to celebrate the brightest colour of India- the colour of Mehndi. Share your Mehndi design and stand a chance to win prize upto Rs. 1 Lakh.

My Mehndi is already applied. Can I take part now? Or the photo should be during the Mehndi application only?

The idea is to share the design. So it can be either after the application of Mehndi or after it, once the colour has emerged.

How to apply?

Registering for CBMF is a simple, hassle-free, two-step process.
i) Click on 'register now' and fill the form
ii) Upload 2 pictures- one of just the Mehndi design on your body (hand, leg etc.) and the second photo should be of you with the same Mehndi design

What do I get?

Prize monies upto Rs 1 Lakh. Not to mention the chance at being the best amongst hundreds and thousands of entries.

What are the photograph requirements?

i) Your design photo should include your Mehndi design ONLY
ii) Your profile photo should include your face with the SAME Mehndi design
iii) Both photos should contain the same Mehndi design
iv) Photos should be of good quality (adequate lighting, should not be grainy)

What do I have to upload in Mehndi moments?

Mehndi Moments can include any write-up; paragraph, story or a poem sharing your views on Mehndi and its significance in your life. You can also send us any of your Mehndi experiences.

Is Mehndi Moments compulsory?

No, there is no compulsion in regards to Mehndi moments. However it would be great if you could share your Mehndi moments with us and the best one would be shared on Craftsvilla Facebook page.

How does it work?

Once your profile is activated and the image you have submitted is approved, you will receive a link to your Mehndi picture. Share the link across Social media with your friends, family and loved ones urging them to vote on your Mehndi design. Do ensure that the votes are casted on the CBMF page where your design (image link we have shared) is uploaded and not on the social post. The design with the maximum votes will win the contest.


We understand that privacy is of utmost importance and hence we ensure that your personal details are kept confidential at all times. Only the Mehndi design entry will be viewable to the public on the CBMF page. Your personal picture is for our records and will not shared/used in any manner.

Eligibility to participate in contest?

Anyone can participate in this contest. There are no age, gender or marital status restrictions for participation.

What if I cannot travel for the contest?

No worries! The entire process is online and you don't have to travel for anything.

I want to change my details. I have already registered. What to do?

You cannot change your details once entered. Make sure you enter all the details correctly in the first go.

How will the winners be decided?

Winners will be decided purely on the basis of the number of votes that you receive on your entry.

I am from Ahmedabad but stay in Mumbai. Which city can put my entry in?

Please select your current city.

Can I cancel my registration? How?

No. However you can stop sharing your profile link. Lesser number of votes will reduce the chances of you winning.

Can I enter multiple times to improve my chances?

Not recommended as that will diminish your chances of winning. Your votes will get split between your own designs.

I registered but my post is not seen.

It's possible that your profile might not have been activated yet. If you do not receive an email within 72 hours, you may want to register again & ensure that the image is uploaded as per the guidelines provided.

More questions?

Please feel free to drop us an email at mehndi@craftsvilla.com