My Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design form guide
  • Fill the form with your personal details
  • Upload 2 photographs: 1. "Design photo" showing just the Mehndi design and 2. "Profile face - photo" of you with the Mehndi design.
  • Click on Submit. You will receive a submission confirmation. Please note the 'Profile face' photo is for internal reference only and will not be displayed on CBMF website.
  • Your design will be reviewed within 3 business days. Upon approval, you will receive an email mentioning the same and a link to your design hosted on CBMF.

Choose your image file to display your design. Your image must be in JPG, PNG or JPEG format. Maximum file size can be 5MB. You can click the below thumbnails for an example

Design Image (Showing your Mehndi design)

Profile Image (Your photo including the Mehndi design)

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