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Product Description

Art Form: Painting on Papier Mache

Item: Door Hanging

Image: Bal Krishna Leela

Details: Bal Krishna Leela - Oriya Painting on Dried Coconut Shell

Length: 12cm

Width: 8cm

Art Value: Coconut Shell Painting of Odisha is basically the magnificent Pattachitra Painting only done on the outer surface of a dried whole Coconut Shell. Pattachitra, also known as icon painting, covers the mythological incidents and icons, such as the Kanchi episode, Krishna Leela, etc. A procedural painting style, Pattachitra colors are derived by powdering the different colored stones and using them as pigments. The meticulous artists called chitrakars, begin and finish the painting with white color. The painting is lacquered finally to make it waterproof. Each piece takes at least a week or two to finish. This exquisite piece, made traditionally, depicts 4 episodes from the Krishna Leela. This piece took 20 days to finish.

Color: Multi-colored, Natural Dyes

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