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Our comfort zone at home comprises of two spots, the kitchen and our closet. While many a times, we might have to stock our kitchen according to other⢂™s tastes and sensibilities; our closet is one true expression of our taste and choices. Our clothes are a direct expression of our preferences and choices and a close observer can practically tell every about us from our attire.

Clothing styles have evolved all over the world depending primarily on the geography of an area and secondarily on the religious, culture, customary preferences. Many clothes are native to a particular population and we instantly relate them to the people of that community, for example, sarees with Indians, Kimonos with the Japanese, kilts with the Scottish men, cowboy outfits from the wild west and so on. Because of constant globalisation, trade and intermingling of cultures, clothing has undergone many changes to encompass a more global feel.

Designers are constantly experimenting to create that perfect balance between conformity and individuality. We have a rich heritage when it comes to fabric, textiles and related techniques. We are the leading and only producers of unique crafts like kalamkari, mangalgiri, maheshwari, ikat, zardosi, leheriya, phulkari, chikankari, etc which has craved us a niche of our own on the global scene. Taking our unique style into account with a global outlook is what designers aim at today. India is the largest producer of silk in the world and also of hosiery textiles which are imported all over the world to leading designer labels. This monsoon, invest in indigenous textiles and designs, something which Craftsvilla specializes in. Designers all over the world are beginning to appreciate Indian textiles and monsoon is the perfect season to bring out the best in Indian clothing. Add a dash of colour to the rains with our range of clothing.

At Craftsvilla, we aim at redefining clothing for the new age men and women. Buy clothes online which are not only functional but also distinct you from the crowd and allows you to stand out. Our clothing range from leading dealers all over the country will not disappoint you and you will definitely come back for more.