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Saree Blouse

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The glamorous, all time sensuous saree has been an essential in every Indian woman&#8217;s wardrobe. Along with the <a href="">saree</a>, the faithful little <a href="">blouse</a> has accompanied this classic since time immemorial. Hence, this may be a surprise, but the blouse has a very recent history in comparison to the saree. The earliest precursor of the saree is the loin cloth which was draped around the waist and the upper half of the body was left bare. The evolution of this three-piece attire came later as trade relations between Persia, Greece, Mesopotamia, etc increased. Women carefully observed the draping styles of these foreigners and were quick to modify their clothes accordingly. The first blouse was the &#8220;kanchuki&#8221; or the &#8220;stanpatta&#8221; which was a piece of clothing tied around the breasts. This type of attire with a dhoti like structure has been described in many epics and carvings in historical caves and temples. Many women have been described in the epics to have worn elaborate kanchukis encrusted with precious gems and stones. With the introduction of stitching in India, options in clothing increased. The tribes of Central Asia brought short loose jackets. The women took their cue from this and began to cover their torsos with a short, tight fitting jacket. Such jackets have been depicted in the caves of Mathura and Ajanta. In time, this jacket became more compact and snugly fitted the bosom in the case of women who wore the saree and longer, more flowing in the case of women who wore the kurta. The shorter, tight fitting blouse acquired the name choli. The choli or the blouse reached its modern form under Moghul expertise. <br><br> <a href="">Blouses</a> can be made from practically any material. They are usually a part of the saree and hence the same material and design. They are often worn in contrast to highlight the saree. With increased expertise in tailoring, blouses have become more elaborate through the ages. We have drawn our inspiration this season from the much awaited monsoons. With our monsoon line of blouses, you can mix and match a number of <a href="">sarees</a>, making them a great investment. <br><br> At Craftsvilla, we supply you with a variety of unstitched and stitched blouses which can be mixed and matched with a number of sarees. We range in material from silk, to cotton, to <a href="">georgette</a>, <a href="">chiffon</a> and much more. An extended survey regarding the dimensions of Indian women has enabled us to reach the best size average. You will find more than one lovely blouse for your saree. Hurry! Your saree needs that blouse. <br><br>