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The growing importance of gowns on the Indian fashion scene is growing by the day. For formal evening events, gowns are the most preferred dresses among women. They make women stand out on red carpet occasions, evening cocktail parties, formal VIP dinners, receptions during weddings and much more. In the current market trend, gowns can be readily purchased from online websites and they can be worn for a diverse range of events like dancing nights, events based on promotional activity, operas and other different themed parties as well. Overall, if you are looking for a gown that needs to be worn for a wedding, a designer gown, a long, flowing gown, an elegant evening gown, Craftsvilla is your one stop shop for a wide variety of gowns. We are also known for excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Why choose Indian Gowns? :-
Indian clothing is known for its elegance, richness and timeless appeal. The new designers shining on the fashion scene have successfully integrated western fashion trends with the Indian trends to provide a perfect fusion look. Indian gowns are a perfect example of indo-western outfit, which has taken the entire fashion scene by storm. Other reasons why Indian gowns are growing in popularity are:

A nice blend of traditional and western fashion trends: As everyone knows, the trends in the Western fashion scene are tailored towards formal, elegant cuts, suavely styled, and top-end fashion trends that rule the roost in the ramp. The traditional Indian clothing is known for exquisite beauty, lavishness, and grand sophistication. The latest designers have integrated these two diverse styles and have created a different range of gowns in a variety of designs, styles and fabrics. These gowns provide an impeccable combination of sophistication, comfort, style and beauty. Also, with many Hollywood personalities wearing super chic gowns, their popularity is increasing in the foreign fashion scene as well. Craftsvilla has a large variety of fusion gowns for Indian women who want to look gorgeous on special occasions. Women flock to Craftsvilla for fashionable gowns that exude elegance and class.

An excellent choice for traditional occasions as well: Usually ethic, traditional dresses are worn commonly during festivals like Eid, Diwali, Dussherra, Navratri and Karwa Chauth. In fact, Indians residing in Europe, US and other countries also prefer to wear such traditional outfits on festive occasions. However, this scene has changed gradually and women are more open to experimenting with Indian gowns embellished with heavy stonework, heavy embroidery or heavy artwork. Even women in Western countries are enthusiastic about gowns in bright colours and are ready to experiment with the latest desi style. You can check out the complete range of gowns at Craftsvilla. Today, women who are not scared to try out something new and look different. At Craftsvilla, we ensure that you find the latest designer gowns at our store at exciting prices.

Gowns for the Indian women: Gowns were not very popular with Indian women till a few years ago owing to the bold cuts and plunging necklines that were a common feature of western gowns. Gradually with the coming in of fusion gowns, Indian women started experimenting with them and today their popularity is at an all time high. Indian style gowns are designed keeping the Indian culture and traditions in mind. Long gowns in beautiful colours, decent cuts and styles are preferred by Indian women. The new and upcoming designers now understand the taste of Indian women and create amazing designs that are a perfect fusion of best of both world.

Also, with the advent of Internet, these path-breaking designs are made available to customers at reasonable prices and sometimes at huge discounts during festive seasons. Just imagine that you see Priyanka Chopra wearing an elegant gown for red carpet event and you might get a chance to own a similar looking gown with the help of Craftsvilla. The opportunities are endless. All these factors have made the Indian-style gowns a popular outfit on the Indian fashion scene and many fashion pundits believe that this trend is here to stay for long time to come. Just make sure you wear the right makeup, matching footwear and other accessories for that perfect look.

The influence of Bollywood: One more factor that has deeply influenced the growth of Indian gowns is the film industry. It is very common to see celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, and many more wearing traditional looking designer gowns on red carpet award functions and other such events. This influences the young women of todays generation to a great deal and increases the demand for such gowns. Craftsvilla is equipped to handle such increase in demand and ensure that every young woman looking at our list of gowns would never be disappointed . Gowns on sale at Craftsvilla are ideal for Indian women. Hence, it is not a surprise to see good reviews about gowns sold by Craftsvilla.

Shopping gowns online: Online stores like Craftsvilla have all kinds of designer gowns on sale. The ease with which one can buy these gowns online has also contributed to their rising popularity. Designers too can easily sell their creations online. If you are looking for gowns made of silk, taffeta, and velvet, Craftsvilla is the best place. Because of the advent of e-commerce, Craftsvilla has been able to reach out to a lot of customers outside India as well. You can browse through our wide collection of gowns, both Indian style and western-styled. We have designer gowns that are heavily embroidered or heavily embellished with stone work, casual wear long dresses, subtle smart gowns for corporate events and more.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a gown for your dream wedding, a dinner party or a fashion event, all you have to do is browse Craftsvilla to see our exquisite list of designs and order right away. You can find the gown of your choice in minutes by using the filters. Shopping at Craftsvilla is easy and fun.