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Terracotta jewellery is the latest trend of jewellery that has become quite popular. The history of Terracotta jewellery dates back to the Harappan culture where archaeologists found Terracotta remnants and jewellery buried under the ground during their excavation.  The meaning of terracotta is basically baked earth. In the ancient times, it was used for creating sculptures and deities during the festivals and other auspicious occasions. The Terracotta objects are sturdy, durable and last for several ages to come given the fact that they are taken care of. India has a number of places like Murshidabad, Bishnupur located in the state of West Bengal which is a great example of terracotta creativity. This is the prime reason that Terracotta designs jewellery is quite famous among the Bengali women and they are often seen sporting it beautifully with a saree. Other Indian states like Rajasthan, Gujarat also have some of the finest Terracotta artisans. The best thing about terracotta jewellery is that it is eco-friendly in nature and is completely natural. People who have sensitive skin or are allergic to metals can wear terracotta jewellery without any apprehensions. It won’t cause any allergic reaction or rashes.


Making of Terracotta articles

The clay is collected, refined and then crafted into the desired shape. The best part about clay is that it can be molded in any form and shape. Once the shape is completely dried in the sun it is placed in a pit over a combustible material. The next step involves the firing at a temperature of around 1000 degree centigrade. The iron content during the firing process reacts with the oxygen in the air that gives a reddish tinge to the object. The firing colour may vary from various shades of yellow to orange, pink, grey, and browns. The terracotta objects are not waterproof but if they are glazed before firing it will decrease the porous qualities and make them water sealed to some extent. Terracotta products are painted for further enhancing their beauty. In order to paint terracotta, the object is first applied with a coat of gesso followed by painting it in desired colours. This is how you get colourful terracotta earrings and terracotta jhumkas, necklaces, and all other articles. 

Terracotta craftsmen don’t end their creativity with terracotta jewellery but they also create a number of diverse products like lamps, table tops, coffee mugs, decorative roof tiles etc.


The beautification of the Terracotta jewellery

Terracotta has found its importance in a number of places and the women’s jewellery is one of them. You can find chunky neckpieces in vibrant colours crafted beautifully with drawings and designs. The current terracotta market is on a fast decline because of the tough competition in the market. There are various other jewellery styles that have started ruling the market. But the terracotta craftsmen are working towards creating novel and latest terracotta designs. The terracotta jewellery design mostly represents the bohemian themes with a variety of reddish hues. You can find terracotta jewellery with intricate designs of human, animals, scriptures and even the tribal gods. They are further glazed, painted and embossed with colourful beads, stones, and other gems.

The terracotta jewellery makers have been trying hard to bring the terracotta jewellery at par with the minakari and Kundan jewellery in terms of design and finesse. Not just jewellery there are other products too like wind chimes, flower vases, tumblers, showpieces and more carved out of terracotta. Terracotta jewellery encompasses the rustic and tribal feel and is quite a vogue among the fashion-centric people. You can find plenty of terracotta earrings, terracotta jhumkas online and team it up as per your style statement.


Styling the terracotta jewellery:

We have discussed a lot about the history and making of terracotta jewellery, now we will highlight that how it can be styled in various ways:

1.)Indian style: You can team the terracotta earrings which have minimum designs with your salwar suits, simple kurti or even an elegant saree. They are light to wear and do not look too bold. You can easily wear it to your office and college. It is both sophisticated and stylish. A terracotta necklace clubbed with a cotton saree is an absolute delight.  For your parties and other functions, you can get the heavy embellished terracotta jhumkas online from Craftsvilla and sport it with your lehengas too.

2.)Modern styles: The terracotta jewellery is also crafted in contemporary and modern designs. You can check the Craftsvilla website for a large number of options. These contemporary terracotta earrings are a great way to carry it with your western outfits. They have an earthen appeal and look beautiful with a maxi dress and any other casual wear.


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Terracotta Jewellery Collection

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Gold Color Antique Terracotta Jewellery Set

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How to take care of terracotta jewellery?

As we have discussed before, terracotta jewellery is not completely watertight. Therefore, you should keep it away from water. In case of dirt or any spots, it can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Though the terracotta is partially durable, it is advised to prevent it from falling as it can break.


Where to buy Terracotta Jewellery?

Terracotta jewellery can be bought from the market but if you want to explore the various designs and styles in luxury of your home visit Craftsvilla. The website offers a variety of Terracotta jewellery that ranges from necklaces, bracelets, earrings that have been crafted with latest Terracotta designs. The finesse of the products listed on Craftsvilla is great and covers a sundry of designs and styles. You can shop your favourite Terracotta jhumkas online at the best price. The best part about this website is that they cater to the needs of all the women of all age groups.

In the end, we would like to add that this is our ancient heritage and we should not let it dwindle away.  When we will take an interest in such products and buy them then it will give a boost to the local artisans who put their heart and soul into creating the beautiful designs.

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