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According to one of the most leading designers in the world, “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.” And those were the words of our fashion goddess Choco Chanel. Perfumes add a special feature to our personality and style. The soft aroma of a woman’s perfume is enchanting. A person's choice of perfume says a lot about his or her personality. Just like handbags, heels and makeup, perfumes are equally important for women to wear. Whenever you are out to meet someone, you ought to wear a nice perfume to leave a lasting impression. According to a study, people who wear perfumes are more desirable and preferred than people who don’t. Whether it is an office meeting or a job interview, wearing a nice light perfume makes a great impact on your bosses and recruiters.

You must be very careful before choosing your fragrance. The perfume that you buy must suit your body type and skin. Every person possesses his or her own skin smell. Just like finger prints, a person has his own unique smell. The body releases a chemical which makes your body smell different from others, and it plays a big part in choosing your perfume. Therefore, buy a perfume which suits your body type and your own smell. The body chemicals must complement the chemicals of the perfume for the fragrance to work wonders for you. You must never rely on the perfume which other people use. It may be possible that the perfume which you love on someone else will smell good on you too. Your body chemicals may not complement that particular perfume. So, now you understand the link between your body chemistry and perfume chemistry before buying any perfume.

Whenever you go to buy perfumes for yourself, you usually go for the one you love in the first instance. Well, it should be so too. But instead of relying on the strip test, always go for the wrist test. Before taking the wrist test you must be careful not to rub your wrist together for the original fragrance to prevail. If you want perfumes that do not irritate or darken your skin, and have natural fragrances, the indigenous attar or ittar is your safest bet. Be it sprays or roll ons, shop perfumes and attars online from Be happy, smell great!

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