We all love running our finger through our soft, silky tresses. The perfect hair style can add the right amount of oomph to our entire look. A regimen for shiny, healthy hair is on all our to-do lists, but finding the time for extensive hair care is not easy with our hectic lifestyle.

The online plethora of hair care products makes our job of hunting for the perfect hair care products easier. Ancient Indians did not have access to such an easy platform and individuals in a household usually produced their own concoction of shampoo, hair oil and hair conditioner. A very effective shampoo was made by boiling soapnuts with dried aamla and a few other herbs. It leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable. Other products used for hair cleansing were shikakai, soapnuts, hibiscus flowers, ritha and arappu. The English colonials introduced this newly learnt hair treatment in Europe which was a better replacement for the concoction made of shaved soap in water. In fact, the word shampoo is derived from the Hindi word ‘champo’ which means to massage.

The art of oiling one’s hair with coconut, mustard or palm oil is followed to this day to promote healthy hair growth. Most of us have very fond memories of either our mothers or grandmothers massaging warm oil into our hair on a sunny day.

The most popular hair conditioner ever used is hair oil. However, a conditioner popular with men in the late Victorian era was Macassar oil, but this product was quite greasy. It necessitated pinning a small cloth, known as an antimacassar, to chairs and sofas to keep the upholstery from being damaged. Modern hair conditioner was created at the turn of the 20th century by perfumer Édouard Pinaud. This was intended to soften men’s hair, beard and moustache. Further improvements by chemists have resulted in the version we use today and also hair creams or lotions.

The hair care industry has spread out and modified its products to engage a wide range of consumers. From the milder baby shampoo to medicated dandruff and lice control oil and shampoo, hair care products of all varieties are abundantly available online. One can choose from the all-natural range on craftsvilla.com. Craftsvilla’s products have a herbal base. You can also avail online hair care product combos and offers that give you shampoo, conditioner, oil, lotion and much more, reducing your job of hunting for everything individually.

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