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"Varying from antique fixtures to bold contemporary themes, elegant bathroom designs always provide a relaxed feeling. You may find many inspirations with spacious bathroom designs with bold themes and pretty decorative items.

Just like a rustic environment with wooden interior design gives a camp lodge feeling, conventional sconces with canvas curtains and an antique copper sink might bring you a sense of history. Such luxury bathroom products and accessories are great choices to make your bathroom look more graceful.

Let’s look at a few interesting ideas for an enviable bathroom interior:

• A plain rustic wooden stand which supports a galvanized metal sink can make a statement providing a cottage look to your bathroom.

• An upholstered metal hardware closet door accompanied by a leather wrapped mirror hung with burlap sheets can provide you a warm feeling.

• The white coloured wooden partitions and cabinets might give just the antique touch you were looking for. You can accessorize the space with lanterns and some planters to glorify the interior.

• You can also use the saturated hues of red violet and sapphire for the wall which displays an ethnic design. Other than that, you can also go for a graphic wallpaper instead of wall hangings or a wooden mirror.

• For an earthy feeling, you may choose metal grey colour for your walls with white cast iron bathtub set in the middle of it. You can decorate the space with a tiny green coloured lamp for a farmhouse feeling.

• The vintage set of a closet can be used to accessorize the space provided as it helps to optimize the loft space to keep towels and other supplies.

• A claw foot tub can be positioned right in front of plain windows with light coloured drapes. To elevate the aura of the interior, you can also use a rusty black wooden partition. A free standing sink with a round mirror and a hexagonal tiled floor might refine the décor.

With these few ideas, you can modify your bathroom the way you want with adaptable options. Sprucing up a bathroom with a limited space can be difficult, but Craftsvilla offers you a host of accessories that might help you make it comfortable and cosy. There are a lot of tricks that you can use to spice up your bathroom décor.

You can opt for natural light making its way to the bathroom. This provides a soothing feeling during the early morning shower. You could also choose light-coloured window screens for a more comforting effect.

Visit for an exhaustive collection of bathroom products to transform your bathroom to a place you just don’t want to leave.

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