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The desire for a smooth and supple skin haunts all women. Be it the scorching summer heat or the drying winters, we have always been instructed in cleaning and moisturizing our skin regularly to prevent it from wrinkling and aging before time.

Indians have always been remarkably conscious about health and hygiene and have perfected the art of maintaining a skin care regime best suited to their climate and living conditions. Fuller’s earth or multani mitti along with milk, honey, eggs and oil, has been a popular component of many skin and body care packs. This popular concoction is an exfoliating and scrubbing agent which helps in keeping the skin moisturized and supple.

Cooling elements like aloe vera and cucumber are also used to treat sunburns and tans. Another popular element is turmeric which not only cleanses, but also acts as an antiseptic. It is used by brides before weddings for achieving that perfect glow on their special day. Rose water and scented water are used not only as a base for perfumes, but also in astringents and toners.

Body oil has been an essential in skin care all over the world. The ancient Egyptians used a concoction of oil to massage and bathe in, to keep away the body odour and as protection from the dry heat. The Greeks bathed extensively in oil and scraped off the dirt and oil during bath with a metal instrument. Galen, a physician in Greece is credited with the invention of cold cream. His product mainly consisted of beeswax and scented agents. Over the centuries, many modifications have been made to this agent. Borax imparts the white colour to cold creams and mineral oil replaces olive oil. Jojoba oil is another component which replaces spermaceti whale oil. Various lotions are also used today. These are oil in water mixture in contrast to the water in oil mixture of creams. Sun screens during the legendary Indian summers are an absolute lifestyle essential for the city-bred. On a daily basis, one should not use a sunscreen that has more than 15 SPF as it may be cancerous. On a hot day at the beach or swimming pool, SPF 30 is recommended. SPF 15 offers 93% of sun protection, while 30 offers 97%. While going to the beauty parlour on a regular basis is difficult, one can always follow the simple beauty regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing at home. Facial packs online come in different varieties — ranging from anti-tan, gentle cleansing, soothing and even medicated. Online organic scrubs are pocket friendly and efficient. Your travel essentials should always include a lip balm for chapped lips, cold cream and tissue for make-up removal and a good sunscreen lotion.

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