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Enliven Your Ethnic Look With Silk Blouses From Craftsvilla:-
Silk is one of the most popular fabrics used to make ethnic Indian clothes. Silk blouses, sarees, dupattas, and skirts are worn by women all over the country and are in demand in certain foreign countries as well. The journey of silk from its origin to its use in Indian ethic wear is one of the most marvellous exchanges of culture from the ancient times. Silk was first discovered in ancient China and the process of obtaining it was kept hidden from the rest of the world for almost 2000 years. It was only when the Silk Route was opened that Chinese merchants and traders brought the secret of silk making to India and introduced it among Indian craftsmen.

Since its origin, silk is considered to be the fabric of the royals as it was only the emperors and noblemen who could afford garments made from it. With the passage of time, the art of making silk spread in India and it became available at affordable prices. However, silk blouses and other types of ethnic wear made from silk are still a mark of sophistication, wealth, and opulence in India.

Perk Up Your Saree With An Affordable Silk Blouse From Craftsvilla:-
Pair any saree with a beautifully designed silk blouse online and to make it stand out. Put together contrasting shades and get ready to turn heads wherever you go. The silk of the blouse feels amazing against your skin in its smooth touch and silky feel. It fits snuggly to complement any body type perfectly. The shiny fabric makes any ethnic wear look exquisite. If sarees are not your idea of the perfect ethnic look, pair an embellished silk blouse design with your lehenga and drape a net dupatta to complete the look effortlessly.

Buy Patch Work, Embellished, And Embroidered Silk Blouses From Craftsvilla:-
Silk blouses come in several different designs and cuts. You can choose a sleeveless silk blouse to cut a sensual figure or pick a patchwork or net design too for a stylish yet traditional look. Plain silk blouses long sleeve can be paired with any saree, while the embroidered or embellished silk blouses go best with plain silk sarees. The uneven lustre of silk blouses gives an enigmatic look to them and makes them a favourite of the womenfolk all over the country and beyond.

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