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Working at Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla provides an opportunity to work in a fast paced environment with awesome energetic team members on some really tough problems in e-commerce and retail industry. One thing which binds us is the amount of passion which each of us brings at workplace supported by a great culture. We have the heart of a growing startup and thinking process of a well matured established big organization.

Diversity of skills. Big companies have designated teams to take care of individual activities. We, like many start-ups, don’t have enough members to fill every role. And the smaller the company, the more hats you have to wear. This gives you an opportunity to develop a more diverse skill set, which will help you grow laterally.

Leadership opportunities. When Craftsvilla grows, you’ll be in a great place to lead your own team. Many people have joined Craftsvilla join and find that within months they are expected to manage several new hires. You’d have to be at a bigger company for years to get such an opportunity.

Control and influence. At Craftsvilla, you are not only shaping the company in how you perform your immediate responsibilities, but you’re also offering feedback on all aspects of the business. You always know the decision makers in any department.

Visible results. You won’t have to wait years to see your work out in the real world; it’ll happen within months. That holds true for any decisions you make as well. For better or worse, the outcome is visible within months, enabling you to learn from your successes mistakes much faster.

Diverse Deep Experience. Start-ups can give you diverse experiences in a short span of time since we need to work on multiple projects. Also, as you will be learning the stuff and working from scratch, you will get deep insight knowledge.

Live mentorship. Big companies have invested time and money in understanding how to train new employees, they have full-fledged L D department to take care of. Startups lack both of those things. However, what they will do is give you the role to deliver it and leave up to you to manage it. In case you need support, the leadership team will closely mentor you. At Craftsvilla, learning is on the go.

Life at Craftsvilla

We love doing things formally in an informal way:

Communication is open and transparent. Important org announcements happen with a ringing bell. AHMs is simply huddling together around our CEO for a quick understanding of company strategy. We dont have cabins, so reaching out to Leadership team is simply walking up to them. There have been cases of new joiners assuming our CoO to be an executive assistant to CEO as both of them sit in open with other team members.

You will have an opportunity to go through regular psychometric testings for self-assessment and then decide your L D plan with support from organization. We sponsorship courses taken by employees. Cross rotation is as easy as discussing with your current and future function lead for the role change. Mentoring always happens, you might see our CoO walking down to you and giving you inputs.

And yes, you can walk in any dress you like till you are not putting anyone else to discomfort.

We keep things Simple:

Feedback is given on real time basis. Performance appraisal is annual based simply on the impact individual has created during the year. We dont have stack ranking, forced ranking or bell curve ranking.

We have minimal policies. If you have to take any decision, think as if you are running this organization and managing the P L. Approval is as easy as discussing pros cons with your function head. We have flat 30 days leave, use it for whatever reason you want to. We provide 6 months maternity leave and 5 days of paternity leave.

Work needs to be Fun:

You will see members cracking jokes at work, all festivals celebrated in ethnic style (yes, we love ethnic) with loads of ethnic food to relish and recognitions happening instantly on the floor. You might get a chance to model for our products or do a photoshoot of our products or sell on FB live.

Activities are plenty apart. We have 12 sports clubs to chose from. You will be asked to participate in treks marathons, just remember not to miss a marathon as the penalty is treating club members. Regular sessions with different themes are conducted round the year like yoga, meditation, financial investments, etc.

And yes, we also provide salary besides other perks like medical insurance and free snacks counter round the day. It's just that we are a bit on the healthy side, so morning breakfast is chosen accordingly.

Vision, Mission Core Values

Taking Societies back to their Roots! Our vision is to connect everyone with their roots by bringing them their ethnic taste including apparels and food products. This also gives us an opportunity to bring livelihood to small artisans thereby ensuring that the traditional culture is sustained in terms of longevity.

Craftsvilla’s mission is to provide latest fashion the best in class experience to our customers’ every time at every point of sale, be it online or our offline stores.

We have 5 Core Values inline with our Company Philosophy. These are:

Customer First
It’s all about delivering an exceptional ‘Customer Experience’. We start with Customers and work backwards to deliver what they need. We value our Customers and we always listen to them. We will ask ourselves every time we recommend something: "Will this make things easy or better for my customer".

Speed matters in our business. We believe in ‘bias towards action’. We understand that many decisions and actions are reversible, and thus do not need extensive study. We value ‘calculated risk taking’ and will never compromise on agility.

Results Matter
We work in a binary world. Efforts do count but Results matter in the end. We focus on end goals and deliver results with the right quality and in a timely fashion. We will achieve results by having the right cadence between quality and timelines.

We own this organization, this team and this work. We are all champions of our company. We take personal responsibility for achieving our objectives. All employees act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just their own team and we never say “this is not my job”. We represent Craftsvilla.

Together we will approach each day with the energy, passion and persistence to exceed expectations. We do what we say we shall do. We do what is right, not merely what is expected. We act with openness, integrity and trust. We ask for help, admit to our mistakes and put things right. We are all owners of our own actions and deliverables.

Trust Respect
We have a firm belief in the reliability, truth intention of our colleagues at work. We respect them for their abilities, qualities achievements. We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat each other with respect regardless of status.

Culture @ Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla was founded in the year 2011 by Manoj Monica. Today it has around 200 employees. Manoj Monica grew the company with lots of passion, took a personal interest in hiring all members and groomed employees as their own family members. Over the period of 7 years, the company grew but still managed its essence of small, passionate, caring transparent culture; similar to a tribe. To outsiders, it is considered as a startup culture. We call it ‘Tribe Culture’ – the way a small tribe conducted its affairs during caveman era. Being an Ethnic company and our passionate for the Ethnic world, you will notice our preference for ethnic jargons and hence the nomenclature for our culture as Tribe Culture.

The foundation of the company culture is based on the 5 Core Values –

1. CUSTOMER FIRST - Customer is the reason we exist

2. OWNERSHIP - I own the company and give my best to it

3. TRUST RESPECT - Trust and Respect for all

4. SPEED - Agility at work

5. RESULTS MATTER - Eye on Goals, Always

The so-called Tribe Culture at Craftsvilla paved way for various cultural themes as part of Organization DNA – Openness, Freedom, Passion, Transparency, Managing Chaos, Inclusion Caring. If we are asked to summarize the essence of our current Culture and People practices, it is based on the Culture of Openness, Trust Love for our employees. Workflow process, Organization structure, and Support Infrastructure are designed to promote our Culture.

We have tried to keep things simple lean. This helps us in being agile and to adapt quickly. You will not find many policies and process. However, this doesn’t mean that we are handicapped because of lack of policies. In case we face such scenarios, we do find resolutions.

We start with the basic – create a culture of openness as that lays the foundation to many other themes. We created a culture of Openness at Craftsvilla by Design. The physical structure says it all. We have Open Bay seating arrangement. The desks don’t have partitions, which means that anyone can see each other’s laptop/desktop. This propagated a level of trust across employees. Employees do not hide what they are doing. They freely check youtube or facebook. Our Co-founders – Manoj (CEO) Monica (COO) work out of the open bay. All Function Heads work out of open bay along with their team. This has resulted in a culture of open communication. If anyone needs to talk to anyone including the Leadership team for any reason (grievance, suggestions, inputs, anything else), they simply walk up to their desk and initiate the conversation. The entire leadership team is accessible to everyone. The Leadership team and HR team constantly ask employees to talk to Leadership team if they have anything in mind.

Our demographics of a small organization and working out of same open floor have given us further advantages. Since teams sit next to each other, cross-team collaboration is very common. Everyone is aware what is happening with other teams. Decisions on team interdependent work is taken with different teams included in the decision making process, they simply form a circle within the bay for the discussion rather than scheduling a meeting. This also saves time and speeds up our decision-making and execution process. Employees feel included in work related process as they are involved in decision making process.

Workflow processes are designed to improve execution and decision speed. For example, larger companies tend to be process driven that lowered risk but also increased bureaucracy and response time. At Craftsvilla, we have kept our policies to the minimum and simplified to ensure that response time is reduced. A simple example is Leave application. We do not have various categories under leave. So if someone needs to take leave for any reason, he/she simply needs to follow the approval protocol rather than figuring out which leave category he should put his leave balance. Another example is how projects are managed. We do not have extensive project management process with multiple hierarchical levels. The discussion involves team members, team leads, function head and CEO. Once decided, email is circulated to all stakeholders. An excel sheet is maintained to track the progress. Tech team leverages Jira. The team executes on it. In the case of mid-course correction, all gets into meeting huddle, the plan is revised, shared with all and finally executed. This speeds up execution process as well as brings in inclusion.

On occasions, we design processes to include all employees. A classic example was the process of defining our core values. Rather than stating the core values coming from co-founder’s mouth, we left it to our employees. We sent a survey to employees asking them what they think should be our core values. All the responses were then listed and we asked employees again to vote their top 5 core values. Based on employees’ responses, we selected top 10, debated and finalized our 6 Core Values.

Above culture themes reflect the small and strong cohesiveness environment which is being created on the floor. A sense of ownership is imbibed on each and every activity. A classic example was how Employee Referral Program (ERP) was promoted. Rather than promoting ERP as a mechanism to make money out of referring, we said that we work as small teams and it is our onus to grow our own team. Hence we asked the employee to refer those whom they feel will fit in our Culture and can be an asset to Craftsvilla. By bringing people of “my types” will not only help in their team growth but also give them an opportunity to earn for their contribution.

Our culture helps in inspiring employees on daily basis. Since Co-founders work with employees, employees see them on day to day basis solving the crisis, the co-founder stories have become a source of inspiration. Employees get to see how teams and individuals work to resolve critical issues, word spreads and slowly these become inspiring stories. Sometimes, Function Heads shouts and applauds the members involved in releasing a feature or resolving an issue or achieving a critical milestone. This being visible to all on the floor gets attention from others.

When it comes to communication and transparency, our open culture fosters and promotes just because of its sheer design. We leverage informal ways for communicating. Leads simply shout, gather relevant people and pass the communication. Our small size and seating arrangement make it all possible. Everyone knows what is being communicated. We do have official modes of communication. All Hands Meet is one of the formal ways wherein top down communication happens. HR sends a periodic communication to all employees. The Intranet Portal hosts all relevant information in case someone needs to find information. Vibe (an informal internal version of facebook) is a 2-way communication platform which is primarily used for informal communication like birthday message, etc.

Inclusion is key to our decision making process. Most company related matters are discussed with entire team, taken inputs from all stakeholders and then final decision is taken. All our employees including the member at warehouse has a official stake in organization by way of owning company stocks. There is no differentiation in terms of benefits/perks across functions/levels. Every member is equal stakeholder in the organization.

We work as a TRIBE.

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