How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions

So you’ve led your buyer into your item listing with effective search mechanism. Now that you have their attention, how can you glue them on your item page? How can you entice them to buy? The right way with words will help your buyer add your items to their shopping cart with confidence! Optimize your shop with the following Four tips for effective and descriptive prose in your product listings.
1. Create an inverted pyramid. The most important information about your item should be first in your description — not only because shoppers want the details on your items as soon as possible, but also because it’s a smart way to optimize the way your description displays in Google search results. Feel free to repeat the words used in your item title.
2. Just like a good therapist suggests, use “I” statements. Speaking in the first person will help you connect with your visitor on an individual level — and isn’t that what they are looking for when they come to shop on Craftsvilla? Show a bit of your personality! Think of your item descriptions like meeting a new friend: you want to be polite, but you also want to be your natural self.
3. Avoid Negative Words, Unclear Statements, Stringent T& Cs – Avoid using negative words which would discourage your customer from liking your shop. At the same let the description be crisp and clear, should not leave anything unclear for buyer:
Few examples are - We are not responsible for damage in transit, No Returns accepted, Returns accepted within 3 days only on buyer return shipping cost, Images are for illustration only – similar item will be shipped as per availability.
3. Short paragraphs and bullet points are your friends. Visitors to your shop might be looking for a specific size or material, so make it easy for them to glean that info from your descriptions by cutting out superfluous language and making good use of bullet points.

4. Lastly, edit your description! See what sentences are too long and make them shorter. Short, sweet and punchy prose is easier for a buyer to connect with. Run your description through a spell checker