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One of the primary requisites of life is food. Good, healthy food goes a long way in keeping us fit and free from disease. Apart from this food is truly, madly, deeply, one and only love! The world may fall apart and hell may break lose but our chicken wings and bowl of popcorn will never leave our side right? Evenings would never be complete without being able to crash on the couch with a bowl of our favourite snacks and the TV running at our favourite show. Movies at the big screen are completely unimaginable without the quintessential popcorn and coke. Sneaking a pack of a ⢂œdiet bar⢂ or a ⢂œhealthy snack or more often something highly unhealthy but absolutely delicious just makes work so much more bearable!

Keeping up with an uber fast life today comes with major compromises today like our health. To excel at work or studies, many people tend to neglect or ignore their health until it is late. An increase in a number of lifestyle diseases has propelled adults to switch to health or dietary supplements which can augment the absence of a healthy diet.

Today⢂™s dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals, amino acids, enzymes, and much more. These come in a variety of forms: tablets, capsules, powders, drinks and energy bars. The most popular supplements include Vitamin D and E, minerals like calcium and iron, herbs such as Echinacea and garlic and speciality products like glucosamine, probiotics and fish oils. Though beneficial, one should not use these arbitrarily because they may interfere with many bodily functions especially in children, pregnant women and elderly.

In Indian tradition a lot revolves around food. On an everyday basis, the meal hours are at a time when the whole family gathers together. Traditionally women in the Indian subcontinent would sit together and roll out dough or segment vegetables or sun-dry products like papad or mangoes. This family or community activity not only formed a bond, but while these women shared their ideas, newer techniques evolved. Today Indian snacks are one of the bestselling products online around the world. With the incorporation of components like flax, sunflower seeds, dry fruits etc., they snack not only become delectable but also way healthier. Beat the summer heat with our collection of syrups and beverages in exotic and native flavours. Drinks with protein supplements are also great for people aiming at increasing their muscle tone. Munching on goodies during monsoons is one of the most pleasurable activities one can indulge in. It is important to invest in food that is not just tasty but healthy too. Therefore, browse through our collection of monsoon goodies to keep those munchies healthy and wise!

At Craftsvilla, our extensive food and health range includes goodies from all over. We have everything from dry fruits, herbs and spices, nutritional supplements to beverages. Buy food and health products online today and we will reach you at your doorstep as soon as possible. Happy shopping!

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