Guidelines For Good Listing

1) Effective Item Title Title should contain the product line, color, style and material used. Currently we see items live which miss the product line, for instance a necklace listed with title as Purple white Flower. It does not say that it’s a necklace set, hence impacting keyword search on our site as well as SEO. Selling earrings without specifying in title that it’s an earring is definitely not going to show up these items in key word search – by far the largest contributor to sale as compared to category navigation.

2) Good Quality Images Minimum Resolution for Images 800 x 800 and should be on proper appealing background. Mannequin, dummies, should be mandatory for apparels and jewelry. Multiple images would help to give better perspective. Your images should be as beautiful and striking as the actual item.

3) Description Crisp description, covering basic aspects of item – color, size, material, weight, key USP of the item. Customer should get the touch and feel of the product from the words used description. Remember the item that you are show casing needs to compete with the offline retail items which buyers can see from all angles, touch, feel, and envisage the experience on use. Hence it is critical that your description does justice to the beauty of your item.

4) Price We understand that nature of some handicraft / lifestyle categories is such that price benchmarking is not possible, but we should ensure that items are rightly priced as online customers do tend to compare it with other online portals and brick and mortar sellers. It is especially very important for new sellers to keep low margins and competitive pricing to attract the buyers. It is also advisable and even a mandate for successful online selling to offer FREE shipping on all your items. It’s a proven fact that in customers mind the term "FREE" wins the psychological battle against other items which carry a shipping charge.