Guidelines For Products Allowed On Craftsvilla

Offer Something Special:

Craftsvilla is the place for that special something, where unique items can be sold. Its the marketplace to Discover India.
Craftsvilla product categories give you an idea of what's available, but you can be as creative as you like. Whether it's jewellery, furniture, art, music, digital art, toys or fashion -- anything goes.

As the seller you have the sole responsibility of ensuring that the items offered for sale on Craftsvilla comply with statutory laws and are permitted under Craftsvilla's Terms and Conditions.

The following is an overview of the articles and services that may be listed on Craftsvilla, things to take into consideration about certain product categories, and articles forbidden on principle.

What Can Be Sold On Craftsvilla –

  • 1) Products Of Your Own Creation

    You can list handmade, customised/customisable, revamped, unique items, refurbished or tailor-made products on Craftsvilla.

  • 2) Vintage Items – You can list vintage items – items which are older than 20 years old.

    They can include fashion, accessories, jewellery and bags, as well as designer objects, furniture, art, antiques and other stylish collectables. The products listed here can be handmade, replicas, hand-refurbished or even factory-made.


  • 3) Factory Made (or Handcrafted) Supplies – Re sellers –

    You don't have to be the creator of a product to be allowed to sell it here; you can be the designer or reseller of unique items.
    If you're a reseller and have neither made the product yourself nor contributed in any way to its manufacture or production, please follow these guidelines.

  • You must have the manufacturer's permission to resell the products.
  • The products listed must be handmade.
  • The products must have a unique feel through and through.
  • The products must not be made under inhumane conditions.

Prohibited Items

You may not sell the following items on Craftsvilla:

  • Fireworks
  • Stolen items
  • Travel vouchers, plane, train or bus tickets
  • Items whose sale or distribution contravenes trademark rights or ancillary copyright, industrial property rights (e.g. brands, patents, utility models and registered designs) or other rights (e.g. picture,name and personal rights).
  • Pornographic items and those potentially harmful to minors
  • Forbidden weapons as well as all forms of ammunition
  • Radioactive substances,poisonous and explosive substances, as well as all dangerous chemicals
  • Live animals, products and preparations made from endangered animal species or plants
  • Human organs
  • Commercial papers (particularly shares), money market or financial instruments, credit,loans and financial aid
  • Promissory notes and legal titles as well as other debts for collection arising from legal transactions
  • Items you may own, but whose use is prohibited
  • Drugs
  • Medicines
  • Medical products whose sale is prohibited by law
  • Items made with child labour
  • Real estate and equivalent rights

Please Note:

We reserve the right to block or delete your listing (in full or in part), without prior notice if we find concrete evidence of a breach of these guidelines. Recurring or serious violations could result in exclusion from trading on Craftsvilla. We also reserve the right to remove items from the Craftsvilla catalogue at our discretion if we feel that these don't fit in with our range of products.