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Decor and decorations have always been a major part of building a home. It then spaced out distinctively and rigorously. The thing about decor is that there are no hard and fast rules here. It does not necessarily have to be expensive for a classy interior or exterior. It is about instinctively making good use of the available space and transform it positively. The interior can create an aura in itself and dressing it up is a process in itself. It's working on one detail at a time, slowly and meticulously and then it will end up with a beautiful canvas all at once. Take a step back to understand your choices and decide on a style, modern does not have to be contemporary and vintage does not necessarily have to be traditional. A proportionate fusion is easily achievable. You just need to keep take care that you do not clutter the space as it can easily make it claustrophobic.

The saying about first impressions is very true in terms of the decor as well, a hand painted earthenware at the entrance with some decorative floating diya's are a definite hit. The foyer or the entrance corner can occupy a beautifully carved marble flower vase. We can probably replace the old school keys holder with an elephant shaped bracket wall mount with may be a precious stone studded tortoise, which in a lot of cultures, is considered a good sign. A Ganesha on the leaf can be hung if there is a provision for a hook. The antique finish in the dining and living area can be achieved with a heavy brass Ganesha on a swing. Radha Krishna statues or a more contemporary approach would be to place a Buddha on the centre piece with a table runner. If you are into music there are some small beautiful set of ladies for music lovers that can be placed in the music room or space used for the same. The floating wall mount shelves can be combined with tree planter trays, marble elephants, may be a vintage brass toy car or bicycle, horse or anything that feels perfect.

Throw in some glitterati to your crockery corner or china cabinet with a sparkling set of Dana Glasses or a simple Rajwadi tea pot or fit in some brass decorative products. The TV corner can be combined with an immaculate gramophone and you are probably sorted. You can move them around and change places every once in a while and it can be a welcome break from the mundane look. Simple gray and white walls murals or round wooden mirrors never go out of style. This can be placed opposite the China cabinet or the kitchen and it will brighten up the entire living space.

There are all sorts of permutations to play and juggle with and the best part is the availability. These monsoons revamp your home with monsoon themed decoratives which will give your home a beautiful airy look. E-commerce has changed the way we shop these days. You can hop and navigate very easily within sites and search for the exact products you are looking for. It is peeling all the unnecessary layers and cater to serve each one of us. Craftsvilla is one such online shopping site with a huge spectrum of beautiful home décor items, elegant accents, decorations in various forms, sizes and materials. Be it wall mount shelves, accessories, knick knacks for the home — you can find all on Browse through our monsoon collection of decorative and give your home a unique You appeal. So order away your favourite home décor items from craftsvilla and deck up your home without stepping out in the sun. It just makes the entire process more exciting, for you just have to place the order, sit back and relax.