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Lamps And Lightings

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It all began with the discovery of fire which the early men chanced upon one night. This fire among many other things helped us fight the darkness of the night. Thus, came into existence the first ever lighting solution — flaming torches built by bundling many sticks together. This was followed by the invention of makeshift lamps using fibre wicks and animal fat in stone vessels. The more enlightened and civilized man became; the more things he began to create. The 19th century saw the rise of kerosene lamps. The idea of using glass to cover the metal vessel containing kerosene and the wick to have a long lasting outcome was a welcome change from the ever-flickering lights. Then along came the greatest inventions of human history, the light bulb and electricity. The light was now trapped in glass, and day in and out it began to last. Thus, lighting and lamps no longer remained a novelty. They rather became instruments of people showcasing their creativity.

Lighting solutions today come in different categories. There is ambience lighting that lights up the entire space uniformly. This can be in the form of wall lights, ceiling lights, hanging lights, floor lights, etc. The dark nooks and corners like shelves and niches are lit by targeted task lighting. Then there’s decorative lighting which is termed as accent lighting. They highlight a special area in a house or simply serve as a piece of home décor by themselves. They come in different shapes and designs and can be matched with the home furniture and upholstery. Such lighting and lamps can also be used outdoors to highlight passages, landscaping, terrace gardens, trees, plants, etc. Festive lighting is another important aspect of Indian households. Festivals and celebrations are never complete without lights. Beautifully crafted clay diyas to ornamental brass diyas, they all have a special place and significance in our homes. Series lights in multiple colours also adorn our houses both outdoors and indoors. Monsoons are the perfect time to invest in beautiful lights and lamps. Turn the frequent power cuts around with lamps and lightings from our monsoon collection.

So, whatever be the trend of the season or the décor style of your home, has everything covered for you to explore. In our lighting and lamps section, choose from a wide range of candles, tea light holders, candle stands, table lamps, LED lights, bamboo lamps, diyas, lamp shades, paper sky lanterns, etc. to suit your tastes. There’s no lighting product that we have left out. So, buy from us and make Indian artisans proud.