Before the mirror on the wall was known to man, reflections were restricted to the hazy ripples on water or the shadowy images on metal. It is the Romans who we this wonderful gift of vivid reflection called a glass mirror. Needless to say, it is proudly making people smile since the 1st century AD. With the passage of time, the concept of mirrors has changed. From just being an object of vanity, it has become the muse of artists all over the world. It was started to be used as a home accent in the most flamboyant way.

Someone rightly said that a mirror is just a piece of reflective glass, if not rightly framed. We all agree to that for sure. So much so, that many ornately framed mirrors today are termed as collectors’ items. In the world of interior decoration, mirrors are as important as any other home décor item. No space — be it a bedroom, a bathroom, or a drawing room — feels complete without a mirror. It can be rightly said that there is a mirror created for every corner.

It is often considered an architectural masterpiece. Interior decorators or people with a sense of aesthetics can create magic with it. Architecturally, if placed correctly, mirrors tend to enhance a space in terms of size and lighting. Many interior decorators use the mirror effect to make a space look double its size. Large mirrors in asymmetrical rooms add a sense of dimension and vibrancy, if aligned correctly with the flow of natural and artificial light. The ancient Chinese art of decoration, Feng Shui, attributes mirrors to be a source of positive energy. They tend to attract more positivity by simply expanding a space and reflecting more light into it.

So, there is more than one reason why you should have mirrors in your house. For a mirror to serve its purpose, it should be chosen wisely. The shape and size of the mirror should complement the size of the room. Also, make sure that the frame doesn’t go against the theme of your home décor.

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