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It might be frustrating, mastering a throw pillow mix and creating an amazing décor with cushions. However, it’s not rocket science. You can make an exquisite style statement with some wonderful mixes by breaking them down into simple styles. It’s all about mixing things up until you find the combination and arrangement to your satisfaction.

Here are a few cushion and throw combinations that can brighten up every space, right from your living room to your porch. • You can keep a simple palette that allows you to have fun playing with the geometric shapes of the cushions. Some primary colours with a few punches of purple will dominate the throw mix. You may also play with various sizes and shapes in the ottoman mix.

• You can throw cushions and pillows with outdoor rugs which come in various fabrics that can withstand any kind of weather. The choice of print and colour can be effectively matched with the pattern of the seating arrangement and the same goes for the indoors as well. If you have a European style bedding, it is favourable to use a layered set of cushions which is a great decorating trick to cover the bedding area with striped throws.

• Whether it’s a contemporary décor or a conventional one, throws and cushions have always been the first choice to spruce up interiors. You can decorate your place with furry and super classy throws that blend with the theme of your seating and bedding arrangement. The vintage doilies might be the perfect choice for your antique themed interior, and the cottage style pillows can maintain the elegant display.

• To accessorise your bedroom, you may add plush pillows and a few comforters to the upholstered bed-end. You can always opt for organic fabrics for throws that are gender neutral and naturally coloured, and they might look best when arranged in layers. Even a tiny balcony can be decorated with a fake grass rug and wooden seating arrangement with bright cushions. You can adorn the extra space with fresh flower vases.

For an asymmetric décor theme, throws might provide just the right way to infuse colours and vibrant textures in the décor. Besides, there are types of throws and cushion linens that could stand the daily wear and tear with perfect firm weaving technique. Such cushions and throws are less prone to warping and are durable enough to be used on a divan set. Throws are furnishings of the season with monsoons just around the corner. They keep your furnishings from becoming cold and uncomfortable and keep the excess damp out. They are a great way to add definition to a room. Invest in pretty throws from our collection and customize your rooms.

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