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Whether it’s a vintage décor or a contemporary one, cushions have always played a crucial role in decorating your house and adding up a little drama to your ambience.Since ages, they have been used to decorate the interiors and create an elegant display of art and culture. Let’s take a look at various reasons to spruce up your space with luxurious cushions and doilies.

• The embroidered doilies have always been the best companions for your sofas to create a vintage interior. Also the cottage styled pillows with exquisite embroidery lend an old-world charm to your sitting and bedding arrangement.
• Along with the interiors, accessories like cushions, doilies and bolsters can also be used to decorate your outdoor sitting arrangement. There is a plethora of fabrics for cushion covers that may withstand any kind of weather and are resistant to wear and tear.
• With a wide range of cross-stitch prints and amazing patterns, cushions can blend seamlessly with any kind of interior décor theme. If you have a European style bedding arrangement, it is favourable to use a layered display of cushions and bolsters.
• The decorative cushion covers and pillows with amazing appliqué and designs are in vogue nowadays. Being versatile at the contours and crafting, they easily add charm and beauty to your modern home and also enhance the vintage style.
• Sewed cushion covers adorn each and every room including your bedroom, living room and outdoor porch. There are a lot of organic fabrics that display a gender neutral décor and can be adorned with little flower vases.
You may throw plush pillows and cushions with fresh comforters on the upholstered bead head. The embroidery pattern might just add a fresh zest to your bedroom environment. However, you must always opt for fabrics that are resistant to allergies. Also, it is a great way to customize the look of your couch when you use cushions that have characters such as owls, teddies, etc. Monsoons are the perfect time to redecorate your house or even a part of your house and customize it as your own. Our rain specific cushion covers come in a variety of colours and hues that will compliment both the weather and your home perfectly.
Shopping for cushions online is easier than you think. Craftsvilla’s wide range of cushions, cushion covers and doilies offers you a treasure trove of home décor items that are every woman’s dream. Check out Craftsvilla’s collection now and make your dreams come true.