Leaving the comfort of your cosy, warm quilt early in the morning, just to tackle life, just doesnu2019t seem worth it. A quick five-minute snooze seems like enough time to say goodbye to your beloved quilt but before you know it you are bathing, dressing up and eating around the same time to make it in time for office.

Our relationship with quilts goes back a long way. Traditionally, a quilt a multi-layered textile composed of three layers of fibre, with cloth on top, which is covered with a layer of wadding and a final woven back sewed together in a technique of quilting.

Historically, quilts were frequently used as bedcovers or served other functional purposes, mainly to ward off the winter chill. However, the work involved in creating them and their decorative possibilities have led to their cultural importance over time, and today they are also used as pieces of art.

The early settlers in America used the art of quilt-making as community activities. Everyone in the household would save up scraps of cloth efficiently during those times of scarcity and sit together to make a variety of utility and baby quilts. These were made to commemorate major life events, such as marriage or childbirth. Each quilt was an expression of a womanu2019s creative genius and prudence.

Similarly, in the other half of the world, unique quilting techniques such as the Bangladeshi Kantha quilt, the Egyptian khayamiya, the French boutis and the ralli quilts of the Indus Valley Civilization were developed. The richness of ralli quilts denoted the prosperity of the family and women would sit down months before a wedding to create quaint works of art.

Though much of the process is mechanized today, handmade quilts havenu2019t lost their faithful following. A variety of techniques like appliquu00e9, reverse appliquu00e9, block designs, Japanese sashiko and others are used to create exclusive pieces of art. Historic quilts like Amish quilts, Baltimore albums, crazy quilts, etc. have found their way into museums and are also used as wall hangings to tell the tales of the bygone era.

Quilts have evolved into interesting modern day items like the autograph quilt and the t-shirt quilt which are essentially keepsakes. A quillow is one with an attached pocket into which the whole blanket can be folded, thus turning it into a pillow. If you are looking for a quilt that is comfortable and looks amazing too, those online designer quilts are too good to be resisted and you’ll definitely come back for more next time. For the light monsoon chill, one can use thinner quilts which are extremely comfortable. At Craftsvilla, we house a range of quilts to suit your needs and tastes. Just browse through our collection to fine one of your liking.

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