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At a point in time, and perhaps even today, toe rings form an integral part of a woman’s jewellery box in India. Though mostly ornamental it also has practical value attached to it.

The toe ring traditionally is worn on the second toe which is the longest and hence easier to slip it onto. This toe is also particularly significant as a nerve in it runs to the uterus an pressure on this toe helps in better conception and lesser pain during the menstrual cycle. It also signifies the married status of a woman and in many cultures a ritual is practiced during weddings where the groom puts the toe rings on his bride’s feet. It is usually worn in pairs but is also available in sets for five for all the toes on a foot. They are traditionally crafted in silver as for Hindus wearing gold below the waistline is considered unholy. In modern day usage however, they are available in gold and with diamond studding too. Many women also wear big ornate toe rings with a glass on them. Unmarried girls are supposed to wear it on the third toe to help with their menstrual pain.

In some communities, men also wore toe rings to signify their marriage. Wearing it on their big first toe is supposed to improve masculine vigour. In ancient times when women were allowed to look men in the face, it was a practical way to distinguish married men from the unmarried ones.

Toe rings are a relatively new addition to The Western world and their mass production began only in 1973 after Marjorie Borell discovered this pretty ornament. In the west, instead of wearing it in pairs, women wear them singly or as an assortment of many different ones. It became a popular jewellery for Bohemian style aficionados. Toe rings have made it into vogue these monsoons. Our monsoon collection of toe rings is absolutely flying off the racks and makes the perfect accompaniment to any attire. Hurry before they all get over!

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