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Waist Belts

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We all look for that extra oomph in our outfits on a special occasion. What can more elegant and sensuous than a sleek chain accentuating your waist and adding definition to your garment?

The cummerbund has been around in the Indian subcontinent for ages and has been worn by both men and women. In fact, the British colonists adopted the idea of cummerbunds and replaced it with waistcoats when they went back. This cummerbund was made of cloth and is still worn by many today.

The cummerbund or waistband for women is either an ornate or sleek metal chain that is usually crafted out of gold or silver. They are worn over ethnic wear like sarees or lehengas to define the draping at the waist. Little bells are frequently attached with the chain which rings out softly with the sway of the hip.

The carvings and statues at temples and other structures like Ajanta and Ellora caves show most women or dancers wearing impressive waistbands to complement their attire. In many cultures, wearing a gold cummerbund is one of the must-wear jewellery during a wedding and definitely does a lot to make the bride fell more beautiful than ever. These can also be worn over Western outfits like a drop waist belt or to hold a drape like attire together at the waist.

Be it for a wedding or a night out, the waist band is the perfect something extra to make you feel extra gorgeous that night out. Team one of our online waistbands for a chunky ethnic look or something more Bohemian and assorted. Log into Craftsvilla today to fall in love with the waistband again and establish your style statement!