Khadi Kurtis: India’s Signature Cloth At Craftsvilla:-
In India, khadi is not just another piece of fabric. In fact, it is deeply embedded in the cultural past of the country and can conjure up heartfelt nationalistic emotions owning to its role in India’s freedom struggle. Khadi products are deeply steeped in the culture of our country, and are therefore rightly referred to as a fabric fit to be India’s signature cloth. Khadi kurtis have made their way into the market and are becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for their comfort, historical significance and style.

The Rustic Allure Of Khadi Kurtis:-
Khadi is actually a hand-woven or hand-spun cloth, which is usually derived from cotton fibre. As the fabric is primarily made by hand, it doesn’t have the polished, mass-produced look of factory-made clothing, but is unique in texture and design. It has a rustic and natural appearance. However, khadi is not just derived from cotton fibre. Khadi silk and woollen khadi fabric is also a popularly manufactured item. The unique texture and the rugged look of this fabric are loved by Indian women and are also preferred due to the comfort that the wearer enjoys. It has the wonderful ability to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers!

In India, khadi is used to make various types of clothing such as sarees and shirts along with kurtas for men and kurtis for women. Get the best designer khadi kurtis at Craftsvilla and add a dimension of history to your wardrobe!

Feel The Comfort Of Khadi Kurtis:-
Despite its rustic look, khadi is actually very comfortable to wear. The material is porous and breathable and doesn’t irritate the skin in any way as it is made from a 100% natural fibre. It is also lightweight in nature and you will not be troubled by its weight on your body. The softness of khadi clothes is a bliss for your skin and suits all body types. Our designer khadi kurtis, especially, are a great choice if you want to accentuate your curves.

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Khadi Kurtis From Silk To Woollen:-
Contrary to popular belief, khadi is not just derived from cotton, but also has several variants. For example, khadi silk is a popular variant which is used to make exquisitely designed kurtis and salwar suits. These bear a great cultural significance and are perfect for auspicious occasions like puja ceremonies, wedding parties and other events. If you want a thicker material, woollen khadi products online are the right choices for you. These will keep you warm and make you look your fashionable best at the same time! So take your pick from the best khadi kurtis online at Craftsvilla and transform the way you look.