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Designer Mangalsutra

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Mangalsutra Designs For The Indian Woman From Craftsvilla

But since it is impossible to wear your Husband’s name, the next best thing is always a Mangalsutra. Mangalsutras is a beautiful piece of custom jewellery that is given out of love, care, and affection to a woman by her husband. Every married woman is always happy to wear a Mangalsutra because it connotes her status in the society and earns her great respect. Other than that, the most outstanding benefit of the Mangalsutra is that it wards off evil and protects the woman’s marriage. Since a woman will have this all her life, many men strive to give their women the best Mangalsutra with the best design. Craftsvilla ensures that every man’s dream comes true by offering them the latest Mangalsutra design that will please them and their women. Any woman who receives a fancy Mangalsutra design always sees the value their husband places on them, and they are happy. It is always a pleasure for women to have this symbol of love over their necks and whether it has short Mangalsutra designs or long Mangalsutra designs, it never matters as long as it is beautiful. This is why Craftsvilla always ensures there is a line of outstanding modern Mangalsutra designs for every woman. We offer the best Mangalsutra design; one that you can look at and remember your husband’s love.


Origin Of The Mangalsutra

You will never miss a Mangalsutra in an Indian home as every married woman is required to wear it, if she adheres to Indian tradition. This tradition can be dated back to the 6th century AD. A bride, during her wedding ceremony, was supposed to receive the Mangalsutra from her husband and it became her piece of jewelry that she had to adorn herself with every day. Before we got to the modern Mangalsutra designs we have, the tradition required that a yellow thread is tied around a bride’s hand. This thread was believed to be able to ward off any evil eye from the couple. This tradition is said to have originated from South India.  Other than this, it also had other benefits to it. As time went by, the thread was replaced with a yellow Mangalsutra chain design that has a beautiful Mangalsutra pendent design made of gold. In our latest Mangalsutra design, we have black beads used to make the Mangalsutra. These black beads are believed to have the ability to absorb any negativity and create an atmosphere full of happiness for the couple. With the introduction of beads to make a fancy Mangalsutra design, a lot of variations cropped up featuring different designs and styles. This is so that it can be fanciful for the modern woman and conform to the changes in the society as the world kept changing. Craftsvilla has been a great part of the evolution process, and it keeps playing an essential role in ensuring that modern Mangalsutra designs are in line with the fashion needs of the modern and contemporary woman by providing great range womens clothing.  Our providers incorporate a few western variations, but it still maintains the tradition and purpose of Indian, ethnic jewellery like Mangalsutra, EarringsRing , etc.


How To Pick The Perfect Mangalsutra From Craftsvilla

Picking the perfect Mangalsutra can be a bit of a challenge because there are a lot of gorgeous Mangalsutras to choose from. However, making the selection process easier and faster, you can filter through the options. Some of the factors to use to sieve through the collection includes:


The material used: different Mangalsutras sold at Craftsvilla are made using different materials. If you compare any simple Mangalsutra design we have in our store with another, you will realize that they may differ, we use different materials like Acrylic, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Alloy metal, German silver, Gold, Gemstone stimulant, and so on.


The style: our Mangalsutras also come in different styles. We have styles like contemporary, modern, vintage, tribal, formal, casual, and antique Mangalsutra designs just to mention a few.


Stones: we use a variety of stones to make this piece of jewelry. We can use American Diamond, pearls, glass beads, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, and so on.


Set type: we have Mangalsutra, Mangalsutra set, and Mangalsutra combo. You can pick any set type, and we will be happy to satisfy your needs.


Color: our Mangalsutras have different colors of stones but common black beads. Therefore, you can choose the one you fancy more.


Size: the collection of Mangalsutras we have also vary in sizes. We have small Mangalsutra designs and long Mangalsutra designs that are gorgeous. Any new Mangalsutra design always has a perfect size. In as much as it may be a mini Mangalsutra design, you can rest be assured that will be breathtaking.


Unique Mangalsutras From Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla only deals with creative jewelry designers, and that is why we can offer short Mangalsutra designs, latest, that are rare and stunning. Every woman deserves to have jewelry that is magnificent, and that is why Craftsvilla never fails. All the styles of jewelry we make have a great appeal to women all across the world and not just India. Many women in India are also purchasing these exquisite pieces of jewelry for beauty purposes as the tradition keeps evolving. These accessories are not just restricted to married women, and this gives us the window of opportunity to cater for the everyday fashionable woman. Anytime you are looking for style and elegance, look no further because Craftsvilla has all that you need to glam up your look.


The Charm Of Shopping At Craftsvilla

All the Mangalsutras we are selling to the public have been carefully made by professionals to ensure that they are the best. Craftsvilla only sells the best pieces to satisfy your needs and ensure that you always have the glam and glow that only the finest jewelry can provide. As you go through our collection, you will realize that other than beauty and glam, we also offer amazing prices for all pieces.  We have amazing offers and highly competitive prices that will not give you a headache trying to afford these pieces of jewelry. Check out our Mangalsutra designs with price, and you will attest that we are the best.  Because there is nothing to frustrate you while shopping with Craftsvilla, you will enjoy your experience with us. Everything has been set to make your shopping easy and straightforward. Our team of professional customer care is also at your disposal should you require any assistance. Happy shopping!

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