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Mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage. According to Indian tradition, women become conscious of their Dharma, Karma and marital status by wearing mangalsutra. On the other part mangalsutra is a code of virtue for women and the two round or cup shapes on the mangalsutra symbolize the energy of Shiva’s Shakti. During any marriage ceremony, mangalsutra is an essential part.

Women always expect some new mangalsutra designs that is fashionable and traditional. Earlier, people wore the traditional designer mangalsutra and they used to carry it as their symbol of marriage. These days women prefer designer mangalsutras that they can wear to office or can flaunt at family events.

Traditional significance of the mangalsutra :-
Jewellery is always considered as a woman’s asset and women are fond of gold jewellery. But gold is a traditional metal which is very costly, and you cannot always experiment with the gold-mangalsutra designs. Another wise option is that you can choose the gold plated, stone embedded and silver plated mangalsutras because these products are easily available at low cost, and you can easily change your style for different events. According to ancient Hindu mythology, gold of the mangalsutra is the symbol of Shiva Shakti and the black beads of the mangalsutra are the form of Shiva itself. When a woman wears a mangalsutra, she can carry the highest energy level and she can project her prestige, marital pride and respect of marriage.

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For marriage ceremony, women always look for some heavy designs in mangalsutra, and they can choose the ravishing gold plated designer mangalsutra or they can also select the royal gold coin mangalsutra. Else those who are fond of some lightweight one, can choose the intricate designer light weight mangalsutra.

According to Indian tradition and culture, a women must wear a mangalsutra all the time. For the working women, it is very difficult to wear it with their corporate outfit but now you can choose some elegant and smart designer mangalsutra design which you can wear to office too.

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