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The canvas for acrylic painting is strained over a stretched bar-sand then placed with a gesso, which in turn produces a surface receptive to paint. The difference between acrylics and oils is that acrylics will stick to the canvas. Canvas paintings are probably the most attractive form of art. People usually buy paintings to improve the d飯r of their home. An excellent painting can fill up the empty spaces on a wall and grab the eyeballs of visitors. Also, creative canvas paintings relax the mind of the person looking at them and this is one of the reasons why there is a huge demand for such canvas paintings. Initially contemporary artists recommended that people buy paintings from art galleries. However, the trend is slowly shifting towards online purchases with the advent of Internet shopping.

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Craftsvilla believes in building bridges between buyers and artists. Every artist believes that a person who understands or appreciates art should buy his/her art work. Art lovers like to explore various paintings and hope to stumble upon the right kind of painting for their home. Craftsvilla has been building bridges between such buyers and artists. Some of the framed canvas paintings found in Craftsvilla can fit on your wall or your small space, providing an emotion to the empty space on the wall. Also, these framed canvas paintings can be used as a gifting item too.

Printed framed canvas paintings offered by Craftsvilla are very durable because the canvas used is printed with High Quality fume-less HP Latex printing and wrapped on a high-quality wooden frame. Maintenance of these paintings is very low and it can easily be cleaned by wiping them with a soft dry cloth. Some of the canvas paints offered by Craftsvilla lasts for over 100 years under normal conditions. Thus, these paintings can surely be carried over from one generation to the other. Some of the modern-day canvas paintings like the Doodle Fish Canvas Wall Hanging, offered by Craftsvilla bring d飯r and the room in which it is fitted to life. Guests or visitors will be left spellbound by these modern-day arts.

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These designer canvas paintings can be ordered from the convenience of your home and delivery service is quick. Overall, Craftsvilla is bringing the experience of art galleries to every customer’s home and changing the way how people view arts like these.