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Canvas Wall Art

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Canvas Painting: Best Home Décor Products At Craftsvilla!

When it comes to home décor people usually go for the best. One of the best décor ideas is decorating the house with the canvas paintings. Paintings have been used as the décor accessory for ages, and even in today’s times, they have not lost their charm. A beautiful abstract painting on canvas can change the entire look of your house and also make your room look much more modern. There are a variety of canvas paintings available in the market. You can pick the different frames and designs that might suit your house. The best part about decorating your house with the canvas paintings is that they can be put in any place be it your bedroom, drawing room or just your lobby. However, finding the right canvas board painting is a complicated task. Hence, we at Craftsvilla try and solve your problem. We have the largest canvas art painting collection for our users. So, head to the Craftsvilla website and get a masterpiece for your home.

Origin Of Canvas Painting

The painting has been one of the most ancient art forms to have existed on this earth. It started with the cavemen drawing paintings on the walls of the caves and had come to the contemporary art that is done through the computers. One of the most famous art forms to have existed is the canvas paintings. Canvas painting started in the Renaissance period where the canvas was used to create the paintings. Initially, the canvas was made of hemp which was woven in a way that it absorbed the colors. However, some of the people started using duck canvas as a cheaper alternative to the canvas. There are lots of varieties of canvas available in today’s time. Canvas painting does not last a really long time hence there are not many famous canvas paintings. However, the French Madonna with Angels is the painting from 1410AD is one of the oldest canvas paintings. The Italian artists are known to popularize this painting style. Later in the times, linen canvas was used to create paintings. The oil paintings were created in the linen canvas. With the invention of the acrylic paints, the canvas paintings were even more popularized. At Craftsvilla we have the best kinds of canvas paintings that have been designed by some of the most talented artists and are best to increase the show of your home. So, head to the Craftsvilla Home Decor page, to find the largest collection of acrylic painting on canvas.

How To Pick The Right Canvas Painting At Craftsvilla

When a person goes on to buy canvas paintings online, there is always a confusion about the quality of the painting and its originality. However, at Craftsvilla, you do not have to worry. We have 100% authentic products that are designed using high-quality canvas and paints. Also, all these paintings at Craftsvilla are handmade by some of the best artists in the country. However, if you are still confused about buying the best canvas painting for your home, here are a few things to consider:

  • The color of the canvas

The first things to consider is the color of the canvas. There are mainly two colors of canvas, namely black and white. The black canvas painting looks really well on all kinds of walls be it dark colored or light colored. Just make sure that the painting on the black canvas has been done in brighter colors for the art to stand out on your walls. The white canvas is the most common kind of canvas paintings that a person can buy for their house.

  • The frame

The frame of the canvas painting is another thing that you need to consider. Some really beautiful wooden framed canvas paintings can be bought online. In addition to these, there are frameless canvas paintings that also look really good in some houses. Additionally, you can also but metal frames and hang them in your house.

  • The style

The art style is another factor that you need to consider while buying the best painting for you. The modern painting on canvas looks good in the modern styled house. The traditional paintings look good in any kind of house given that they have been framed properly.


Unique Collection Of Canvas Painting At Craftsvilla

At Craftsvilla we strive to stand out from the crowd. Hence we make sure that our products are unique and the best. We make sure that the beautiful canvas painting that you buy for your house is one of its kind. We try to understand your needs and deliver our products after a lot of research. We have small canvas paintings and large canvas paintings. We have canvas paintings consisting of every kind of art from the tribal art to the modern abstract art. There is one painting for everyone. In addition to this, we also provide the painting canvas price that suits everyone’s budget. We have some really easy canvas paintings for the minimalistic homes and some paintings with the most intricate detailing. Hence with the Craftsvilla mobile app and website you can easily order all kinds of canvas painting online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

The Charm Of Shopping With Craftsvilla

Shopping for the basic canvas painting at the Craftsvilla website is one of the best experience any user can have in their lives. The website is designed to suit all the needs of the users. The interface of the website is easy and can be operated by anyone. You can also buy panting canvas on the go with the Craftsvilla online mobile application. Shopping with us is the safest because we make sure that your information is kept a secret. Our main motive is customer satisfaction, and our products provide just that. Our customer care team handles all your queries and complaints regarding the oil painting on canvas. Additionally, we also make sure that all our products are manufactured to perfection. We have the most original and durable canvas painting collection in the whole world. Do not believe us? Head to the Craftsvilla website and experience the smoothest shopping experience of your lifetime.

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