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Enhance Your Home Decor With Patachitra Paintings @ Craftsvilla!:-
Patachitra paintings are the icon of Indian art work. These traditional paintings have their roots in Odisha where they are the oldest art from that place dating back to the 5th century BC. Patachitra means cloth painting in Sanskrit. These paintings are done on cotton and silk fabrics. There are other types of this art, such as manuscript paintings, wall paintings and palm leaf etchings. Most of these paintings are inspired by Lord Jagannath and depict the Hindu mythology. These paintings are rich and bold with vibrant colours.

Craftsvilla has a number of authentic and collectible Patachitra paintings. These paintings are made by artists called Chitrakars who reside in and around Puri city where this art work was originally created. As the theme of the Patachitra paintings revolves around Jagannath and Vaishnava sect, the subject matter of these paintings are religious, mythological and folklore. Browse online on Craftsvilla to buy Patachitra paintings at affordable prices.

The Work Behind Patachitra paintings:-

Though artwork on fabrics, palm leaves and manuscript seems to be easy work, a lot goes behind Patachitra art. Artists follow a traditional process to prepare the base or canvas. The cloth is coated with soft, white chalk powder and tamarind seed glue to create a smooth semi-absorbent surface to paint. The borders are painted first and a rough sketch is done using light yellow and red colours. Then white, red, black and yellow colours are used to paint. The artist gives an effect of pen work by using fine strokes of black brush lines. The completed painting is held over a charcoal fire and then lacquer is applied to the whole surface. The finished painting is durable and water resistant with a shining finish. The colours used are all natural, and made from earth, vegetable and mineral sources.

Use Patachitra Paintings To Decorate Your Home:-

As the style of Patachitra paintings are a mix of traditional and folk elements use these paintings to add a touch of Indian tradition and culture to your home. You can also find Patachitra wall hangings on religious subjects that can be used to hang at the entrance to your home. The yellow palm leaf Patachitra painting which is available on Craftsvilla has detailed and fine engravings which lends a sophisticated and royal look. You can hang it in your home, office or even in hotels and restaurants. Look through our Patachitra paintings collection to choose one that suits your taste and your home.